About Me

Hello! I am Soma Rostam. 17-years-old. Soon-to-be a college student. And welcome to my humble blog! I consider myself an extrovert. Even though I am shy sometimes, I love making friends. And meeting new people is always a pleasure! I laugh a lot. I talk a lot.  I smile a lot.

I consider myself an extreme bookaholic. I have read books ever since I was 5 (almost 6, really) and I haven't stopped since then. Books take me to another place. Another world. I get so absorbed in the lives of the characters I read about that I don't ever want to stop reading.

The main reason why I started this blog was that I wanted people to know how I feel about certain books. I couldn't contain all the excitement I had for the books I read and it was pretty embarassing raving about a book to people who have never read books for pleasure in their life (such a shame, I know).

I've been in this blogging thing for two years now and I am absolutely in love with it. I have met so many AMAZING people and found so many AMAZING books. So, if you ever have anything to say to me (anything at ALL!), you can contact me here: