Review: Truth or Dare by Ella Monroe

Title: Truth or Dare (Captial Girls #3)
Author: Ella Monroe
Publication: April 23rd 2013 by St. Martin's Griffin
Genre: YA Contemporary
Source: Provided by the kind publisher...

Jackie, Lettie, and Laura Beth barely survived the holidays . . . literally.  Jackie's on lockdown while the hunt is on for her stalker, who somehow got into the White House and left her an ominous note. Laura Beth and Sol are finally back together after a scandal almost tore them apart, and Lettie, who’s forced to live with Whitney and her gossip-mongering mom, has let down her guard enough to fall in love with Daniel.  For the Capital Girls life is always complicated, especially when they're under 24-hour media scrutiny. But that won’t stop the three friends from making their senior year the most amazing ever—even as the mystery deepens over Taylor Cane's death and First Son Andrew Price’s role in it.

-- My Rating --

3.5 / 5 Oscars: Liked it...

-- My Thoughts --

     I read the second book in the series, a while ago, but I have never read the first book. But I don't feel left out at all. Actually, I was thrust back into Jackie, Laura Beth, and Lettie's life like I hadn't even left.
Minor spoilers if you have not read The Capital Girls (#1)
     Jackie's relationship with Andrew is crumbling to pieces. But the perfect TV relationship should not break. So, they are keeping it a secret. Laura Beth hates to rival with her best friend, but she wants a ticket to the White House, too. Lettie is all but happy to have her parents go away, but she moves on. And might even find the romance she needs.
     The one thing that interests me the most in this series, is the high-profile lifestyle. Jackie is always on TV, tabloids, gossip magazines, and it feels believable. I never thought I would say that a book about some teenage girls in the spotlight of politics would be believable, but it is. The characters, the three girls are strong-willed and relate-able. You can feel the energy pulsing off of them. But the other characters are not as fleshed out, which was disappointing.
     The plot of this book was predictable, more predictable than the second book, which was sad, too. But it still had its moments, and it  kept me satisfied and interested. So, it deserves the four stars it gets. The ending was lovely, and expected. I am not sure if there is a fourth book or not, because I want to know what happens to the girls. But even if there isn't, Ella Monroe left me perfectly satisfied and i wouldn't mind, at all.

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