Review: Ethos: Morning Star by Desiree Finkbeiner

Name of book: Morning Star (Ethos #1)
Author: Desiree Finkbeiner
Publication:  March 28th 2012 - Hydra Publications
Genre: YA Paranormal
Source: Provided by author...
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When a mysterious stranger interrupts Brianna’s mundane routine, her eyes are opened to the dark underbelly of reality… immortal rogues, ancient conspiracies, prophetic revelations, savage tribes, mammoth dragonflies… 

She’s thrust into a race for her life when Kalen, a warrior from Ethos, discovers that she is harboring a secret… a secret that he’d give his life to protect. 

There’s just one little problem… they are tempted by a forbidden romance, which threatens to compromise a divinely appointed mission. They are faced with a choice… love eternal, or the end of the world…

-- My Rating --

-- My Thoughts --

     When I concentrated on the name of this book, I thought it was about Greek Myths, and The God Of Love, Ethos, etc... But it's not, it's something you won't be expecting...
     Brianna "Bree", is a 21-year-old young woman. After recovering from a horrible fall down the stairs, Bree finds a huge purple dragonfly, and she's sure that there's someone who wants the dragonfly back. That someone is a gorgeous , strange young man called Kalen.
     Bree feels a connection toward Kalen, but when she comes home one day, she finds her mum unconscious and her precious mushroom stolen. But who would steal a mushroom? As Bree finds out, the mushroom contains all the magic  of Ethos,  a kingdom lost in time. But there is no power in the mushroom, since all the magic has been absorbed by Bree's body, and now Kalen has to protect her from the people who want the magic.
     Bree and Kalen start their journey toward the kingdom, to fulfil Bree's destiny. Love between them is a sin, a taboo. But as their forbidden feelings for  each other increase, Bree and Kalen are faced with choices that will change their future, once and for all.
     Will Bree ever go back to her normal life? Will she be able  to save the kingdom of Ethos? And will she and Kalen be together, or will the council break them apart? Find out much more when you read this breath-taking, romantic, imaginative read, Morning Star...
     So, this book was really good. The author has a distinctive voice, and she really has a powerful storyline. The author is also a very imaginative artist with a wonderful bunch of work, which showed through the paintings in her book. It's just that the author's work didn't pay off well and the book looked like it missed a few things. Now, for the characters, Bree is supposed to be about 21 years old but she acts like a love-struck16 year old. I hated that about her and she wasn't someone I could relate to.
     Kalen is the almost-too-good-to-be-true man, but I liked the fact that he kept his pride and wasn't always acting like a lost puppy (which a lot of guy protagonists do these days). And, oh yeah. How many times should I say? Love grows on people, it doesn't just pop out of the blue.  This book was another insta-love story which I didn't  like at all. 
     Throughout, this book is a great read with a few small flaws, that will probably go unnoticed. Recommend for YA paranormal lovers, and Atlantis fans...

Review: Clarity by Kim Harrington

Name of book: Clarity (Clarity #1)
Author: Kim Harrington
Publication: March 1st 2011 - Scholastic Point
Genre: YA Fantasy, YA Paranormal
Source: E-book Owned

Clarity “Clare” Fern sees things. Things no one else can see. Things like stolen kisses and long-buried secrets. All she has to do is touch a certain object, and the visions come to her. It’s a gift.

And a curse.

When a teenage girl is found murdered, Clare’s ex-boyfriend wants her to help solve the case—but Clare is still furious at the cheating jerk. Then Clare’s brother—who has supernatural gifts of his own—becomes the prime suspect, and Clare can no longer look away. Teaming up with Gabriel, the smoldering son of the new detective, Clare must venture into the depths of fear, revenge, and lust in order to track the killer. But will her sight fail her just when she needs it most?

-- My Rating --

-- My Thoughts --

     I've had this e-book since forever, and I never got the chance to check it out! But since I am a night owl, I gave it a try, and it was pretty good!
    Clarity "Clare" Fern is a psychic, she can watch past memories when she touches objects. Her life has never been normal and her gift is not a secret. She, her brother, and her mother offer readings to tourists. Her brother is a medium, connecting to spirits when they are in the room. And her mother is a telepathic, she can read exactly what a person thinks at that same moment.
     Clare is annoyed at how the locals treat her, and how they call her a psycho. When her ex-boyfriend, Justin asks her to help the police investigate the murder of a teenage 18-year-old girl, Clare jumps at the chance to use her power for something good. And what's even better? She gets to work with the new trainee detective, the hot Gabriel.
     But as Clare and Gabriel unfold the mysteries surrounding this case, Clare gets some information that she doesn't want to know. Now, on top of all her work, she has to protect her family, too. Clare would do anything to protect her brother and mother, she'd lie, she'd use people, maybe she'd even kill! There is not limits, but who will save her when a murderer is our for her blood?
     Will Clare find out who killed the young teen? Will she be able to keep her family together? Who will she choose: The loyal Justin, or the hot-and-cold Gabriel? Find out the answers when you read the intriguing adventure of Clare in the first book in the  series, Clarity...
    I liked this book, I'll start with the good parts. The author created a wonderful mystery, you will bite your fingernails off while trying to know who is the murderer. OK, so now for what I didn't like: The storyline is a typical paranormal recipe, add a beautiful heroine, add two guys who are head over heels in it for her, create a love triangle, etc.... I am beginning to get disgusted of love triangles. But I didn't hate it that much, because I LOVED Justin, he is so loyal and loves Clare so much, I was hoping that she would choose him!
    Another thing that I didn't like was the setting, the author created something like this:
" She drove from street (a name) to street ( a name), then she turned right to street (another name) and stopped in front of the intersection between street (a name) and street (a name)" Gosh! I am not living in USA, how can I know which street is the one she is talking about? I got tired of the street names, but altogether it was forgivable...
    If you want an enjoyable and exhilarating mystery, with an ending you won't see coming! Then you should read Clarity, which is only the first book. The second book, Perception, is out! I can't wait to get my hands on it...

Review of National Bestseller: Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Name of book: Coraline
Author: Neil Gaiman
Publication: June 24th 2008 - HarperCollins
Genre: Children Fantasy
Source: E-book owned

In Neil Gaiman's bestselling adult fantasies, telling the difference between reality and illusion can sometimes mean your soul. WithCoraline, the author of American Gods develops this favorite theme for a younger audience, taking us through a deliciously frightening door to an "other," harrowing world.

Coraline's often wondered what's behind the locked door in the drawing room. It reveals only a brick wall when she finally opens it, but when she tries again later, a passageway mysteriously appears. Coraline is surprised to find a flat decorated exactly like her own, but strangely different. And when she finds her "other" parents in this alternate world, they are much more interesting despite their creepy black button eyes. When they make it clear, however, that they want to make her theirs forever, Coraline begins a nightmarish game to rescue her real parents and three children imprisoned in a mirror. With only a bored-through stone and an aloof cat to help, Coraline confronts this harrowing task of escaping these monstrous creatures.

Gaiman has delivered a wonderfully chilling novel, subtle yet intense on many levels. The line between pleasant and horrible is often blurred until what's what becomes suddenly clear, and like Coraline, we resist leaving this strange world until we're hooked. Unnerving drawings also cast a dark shadow over the book's eerie atmosphere, which is only heightened by simple, hair-raising text. Already compared to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and suited for readers of all ages, Coraline is otherworldly storytelling at its best.

-- My Rating --

-- My Thoughts --

     When I first saw this book while browsing my collection of e-books, I was like: "A National Bestseller, it's gotta be good!" It is a very quick read -less than 200 pages- I finished it in an hour or so, and it was wonderful!
     Coraline moves into huge old house with her parents, but they are not the only people there. Each couple of rooms ( a flat) are/is rented to other people. There are the two old talkative women, who were previous-actresses. There is the old man upstairs, who claims that he is teaching mice how to play instruments! 
     And there is another empty flat right behind Coraline's. As Caroline explores every inch of the garden, and then the house, she discovers a door in the drawing room that should have led to the empty flat. The door only leads to a huge brick wall, nothing else. But at night, Coraline hears noises, and she can't help but take another look at what's behind the old door. 
     This time, there is no brick wall, just a long hallway, and Coraline's adventure begins right when she steps foot into the hallway. She has to save  her  parents and three lost souls in order to get out of the horrible magic world...
     What will Coraline find on the other side? Will she be able to save her parents and the three lost souls? Find out in this cute, and imaginative bestseller Coraline...
     I liked this book very much, I didn't know that it was Children's Fantasy, but I still enjoyed it! You know? Sometimes you just need a break from all these love stories, and paranormal fantasies like vampires, werewolves, and zombies. You just need to leap back into childhood and enjoy a short adventure.
     This book is definitely suitable for kids of all ages, it's a tale about family, love, and adventure. Want an enjoyable read? Then CORALINE is the one...

Guest Post: C. S. Dorsey

C. S. Dorsey is here with use to post a guest post, say welcome!

My Take on The Unsacred Gift

     When I wrote The Unsacred Gift I had to do a little research. My research was mainly on the different types of visions one can have. Google has been there for me when I needed to find research for my writing. There is a part in the novel where Sissy went on her mother’s computer while on her visit home to do some research about her visions. Google was the main search engine she used.
I must say that I have never connected with someone in my life the way I connected with the main character Sissy. Every pain, dream, sorrow, and happiness she felt, I felt. It was almost like I was going through the same things she was going through. My friend told me to add some type of happiness in the book, so I added the Chris character to it. But I didn’t want him to stay long, so I was torn between killing him off, or just letting Sissy run him off. You will have to read the book to see which one I picked :).
While I was writing certain scenes in the books, I had tears in my eyes. It was one part of the book where Sissy talked about how love would never find her because she was hiding from it, made me cry. It was that passage that I knew that this book would be something special. I though, how many times do people think or feel the same way Sissy does about love? Tons of people. That is why I think so many people can relate to her. Even I can.
Little things that Sissy did in the book I saw myself in her. Her quick come backs and sarcastic comments remind me so much of myself. The relationship she has with her mother reminds me of me and my mom at times. But when I wrote about her I didn’t think about me, I thought about this girl with a gift who was afraid of its power.

What's coming up!

Hola! How are you, bookworms? I have a lot of WONDERFUL reviews coming up this week, I can't wait!

Which one are you excited about?? Just leave a comment...

Review: Pushing The Limits by Katie McGarry

Name of book: Pushing The Limits
Author: Katie McGarry
Publication: July 31st, 2012 - Harlequin Teen
Genre: YA Contemporary
Source: ARC, provided by publisher...

"I won't tell anyone, Echo. I promise." Noah tucked a curl behind my ear. It had been so long since someone touched me like he did. Why did it have to be Noah Hutchins? His dark brown eyes shifted to my covered arms. "You didn't do that-did you? It was done to you?" No one ever asked that question. They stared. They whispered. They laughed. But they never asked.

So wrong for each other...and yet so right.

No one knows what happened the night Echo Emerson went from popular girl with jock boyfriend to gossiped-about outsider with "freaky" scars on her arms. Even Echo can't remember the whole truth of that horrible night. All she knows is that she wants everything to go back to normal. But when Noah Hutchins, the smoking-hot, girl-using loner in the black leather jacket, explodes into her life with his tough attitude and surprising understanding, Echo's world shifts in ways she could never have imagined. They should have nothing in common. And with the secrets they both keep, being together is pretty much impossible.Yet the crazy attraction between them refuses to go away. And Echo has to ask herself just how far they can push the limits and what she'll risk for the one guy who might teach her how to love again.

"An edgy romance that pulls you in and never lets go. I was hooked!"-Gena Showalter,  New York Times bestselling author of the Intertwined series.

-- My Rating --
(Not just Five cupcakes, I would give it 10 if I could... :P)

-- My Thoughts --

     I just found one of my most favorite books of 2012!  When you read all of  these positive reviews, and when you adore the cover, you will put some expectations on the book. And how wonderful is it when those expectations are met? I put some very hard expectations on this book and fortunately , the author went way past them.
     Echo Emerson remembers nothing of that day, but since that day she changed from Miss.Popularity into the outsider with the "freaky" scars on her arms. Always wearing long-sleeved sweatshirts, Echo covers her heart the same way she covers her arms. The fence she has put around her heart was always there. Well, up until she gets to know Noah Hutchins.
     Noah Hutchins is known as a girl-using loner, but that's not all he is. As if losing his parents wasn't enough, he has lost his brothers to foster care, too. Noah hates long lasting relationships, and he wants nothing to do with attachments. Well, up until he  gets to know the pretty Echo Emerson.
     Echo and Noah's lives collide when they are both having their therapy sessions. Because of all they have both been through, they have both put up walls around their hearts. And it will take a lot from them to be able to break down those walls.
     Will Echo ever remember what happened that night? Will they ever be able to be normal again? And how much will  Echo and Noah push the limits?  A ride on a roller coaster of  happiness and grief, love and hate, heartbreak and betrayal, in this breath-taking standalone, Pushing The Limits.
     I love this book! I had to wait a day to write this review, just to collect and organize my thoughts, or my review would have consisted of only three words (I love this!) It was the book that I have been waiting to read for so long. I can't say how grateful I am to receive a copy from the publisher, thank you!
     The pace is really quick, and the setting is wonderfully described. Oh, the characters! I fell in love with all of them, well, except the bad ones. Echo is the screwed -up heroine, but she is determinant and stubborn, I would love to have Echo as a friend. I loved Echo's voice.
    Noah is heart-breaking protective, loving, and sexy! The definite dream guy! And Lila, Echo's best friend is so loyal and girly, just a copy of me! What I liked is the characters were not stereotypes, they were distinctive and independent.
     OK, enough babbling. No matter how much I write, I will never be able to express this. I am still recovering from how much I devoured this book! All I want to say is grab a box of tissues and read this! Believe me, if you haven't already read it, then you are missing out a HUGE masterpiece!
Here are my favorite teasers:

     "Forgetting every rule I'd created for this moment, my hands wandered up her back, twining in her hair, bringing her closer to me. I wanted Echo. I needed Echo." - Noah

     "My insides had melted when Noah produced his wicked grin and gazed at me like I was naked. Luke used to give me butterflies. Noah spawned mutant pterodactyls." - Echo

     "Her shoulders never shook. No tears streamed down her face. The worst type of crying wasn't the kind everyone could see- the wailing on street corners, the tearing at clothes. No, the worst kind happened when your soul wept and no matter what you did, there was no way to comfort it. A section withered and became a scar on the part of your soul that survived. For people like me and Echo, our souls contained more scar tissue than life...." - Noah

Review: The Super Spud Trilogy by Michael Diack

Name of book:  The Super Spud Trilogy
Author: Michael Diack
Publication: May 2012, Pen Press
Genre: Fantasy
Source: Provided by the author...

Genetic engineering has accomplished many things, one of which has been to create the Super Spud! The humble potato elevated to new heights, creating the most flavoursome crisps ever known to humankind! But that's not all - A magical transformation occurs to all Super Spud crisps not eaten before their use-by date. They take on a life of their own. And so long as they remain undetected by humans, they enjoy life in their own Super Spud cities, take part in major Super Spud sporting events and even start the odd Super Spud war or two. Join Colin, Cougar, Hannibal Vector, Generals Rock, Jock and Strap and all the others in their rollicking adventures. You'll never look at a packet of crisps in the same way again! Fun, quirky and totally original.

-- My Rating --

-- My Thoughts --

     Thoughtful imagination and setting make up this wonderful book. It's a trilogy, three beautifully-told stories of Super Spuds, the tastiest potatoes in the whole world!
     Humans got bored of the taste of crisps (chips) so they made new genetically-engineered ones. These spuds (potatoes) are not normal, they are SUPER SPUDS.  They begin to live a life of their own if they are not consumed after their use-by date. You should expect the unexpected in this imaginative trilogy!
     The first story is The Adventures of  Colin,The Super Spud,  it's way too short, I personally loved Colin, he was a genuine super spud (grinning <->). The second is The Adventures of Cougar, The Super Spud, whom you will be familiar with in the first story, Cougar is very adventurous, ambitious and cannot stand still for five seconds!. 
     The third one is The Adventures of King Martin, The Super Spud. King Martin doesn't act like a king at all, which I loved! He is even more adventurous than Cougar. Each story features a huge group of Super Spuds, and the groups are related somehow throughout the book.
       The stories are very very enjoyable, you can't help but chuckle and smile through the whole book. The hard work of the  author is visible, too. And what I liked most when I read this book is the name of The Super Spuds. Most of them have names derived from human origins, it's so funny and captivating, I loved it! Like G-James, taken from the human James Bond, isn't it wonderful?
     Although it's not my type, that's why I didn't give it Five Cupcakes. But if you want an enjoyable and compelling quick read, or  if you want your kids to have some fun time and refresh their knowledge, then you should read the exhilarating, Super Spud Trilogy...

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Overview of Dark Isle

When evil begets evil, a choice is forced on Quinn, the one person who can see the danger. Does she save the ones she loves, or does she save the world from Chaos?

As the realms of Fae and human collide, Quinn's future has never looked so grim, or so damn impossible.

Genre- Urban Fantasy
Overview of Enemy in Blue

 The streets aren't safe when your enemy wears a blue uniform and a gold badge.
What if the good guys weren't good?
What if a cop went rogue and killed an innocent man?
What if it was all caught on video and the cop would do anything to cover it up?
Chase this lawless cop through the streets and to a scintillating series of showdowns with Cruz Marquez, a young attorney trying to nail down his enemy in blue.
Will justice be served?
Genre- Thriller

Overview of Land of the Noonday Sun

When two strangers have nothing left but their dreams, they must forge a relationship in Nantahala, North Carolina, a small town known as Land of the Noonday Sun.

A man with a traumatic past is able to turn his life around and is happy with his chosen career as a whitewater guide. Everything changes though when fate hurls a woman into his path. His carefree life is in turmoil, and his former weaknesses threaten to overtake him. Will he be strong enough when tragedy strikes and is once again in danger of losing everything he loves?
Genre- Contemporary Romance

Overview of This Time Forever

Delaney Brannigan and Blake Morrisson met at the Cedar Cove annual costume dance, known only to each other as the leopard and the cowboy--but, as Delaney soon discovers, the cowboy she'd thought had ridden off into the sunset never to tempt her again, is none other than the man she came from New York to find and discredit. Against her will, Delaney is drawn deeper and deeper into an overwhelming attraction to Blake--an attraction she can't give in to if she wants to keep the one thing she values more than anything else.
Genre- Contemporary Romance

Overview of Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula

Fourteen-year-old Cassidy Jones wakes up the morning after a minor accident in the laboratory of a world-renowned geneticist to discover that her body has undergone some bizarre physical changes. Her senses, strength, and speed have been radically enhanced.

Lives are put at risk when they find themselves embroiled in a dangerous, action-packed adventure. Soon they are forced to confront a maniacal villain willing to do anything - including murder - to reach his own ambitious goals.

Genre- YA/MG Superhero

Overview of Gray Justice

Gray Justice is the fast-paced debut thriller from Alan McDermott. When a killer walks free from court, the victim's father sees just two options: accept the judge's decision; or take on the entire British justice system. Tom Gray chooses the latter and his crusade attracts instant worldwide media coverage. It was just what Tom was hoping for, but it brought him a lot more than he bargained for.

Gray Justice is much more than a simple tale of revenge: it's a rollercoaster ride with an ending you'll never forget!
Genre- Thriller

Overview of Gone at Zero Hundred 00:00

"Their lives are in the hands of two 18-year-olds..."
A Prominent P.I. is gunned down - killed by a sniper - and it’s broadcasted on live TV.
Now, her daughter, along with her childhood pal, are thrust into a complex and riveting thriller forced to take on a secret club whose members call themselves The Privileged Ones.
Murder. Teen abductions and illegal underground parties.
They’re chased by men in ski-masks, nearly gunned down by members of a cartel, and the only way to bring down this criminal enterprise; is to crash a Mardi Gras bash and stop their private cruise ship from sailing off into the sunset.


Overview of Allegiance

Who do YOU pledge allegiance to?

After exposing one of the most notorious rings of police corruption in history, lawyer Cruz Marquez planned on starting a new life south of the border. That plan unraveled when an extremist group of Minutemen captured and tortured him and his wife.

Will Cruz pledge allegiance to do right, or will he do anything to serve up revenge?

Genre- Thriller

Overview of Curbchek Reload

Curbchek-Reload is a dark account of the streets as they were worked by Zach Fortier, a dangerously deranged cop. Welcome back to the inner city and the twisted mentality of Zach Fortier. Patrolling the streets, broken and mentally damaged from years of urban violence, Zach fights a losing battle to maintain a hold on reality. Join him in the passenger seat of a police cruiser for more of the darker and meaner side of life: The inner city. In Curbchek-Reload you get a front row seat to an attempted murder of a cop, suicide attempts, rapes, and DARK cop humor. Curbchek-Reload - Fasten your bullet proof vest and buckle your seatbelt, it is gonna be a wild ride!

Genre- Police Procedural 

All winners will be notified via email July 28th 2012. For a list of winners contact

Tour Stop: One Major Mistake by Starr Reina

Name of book: One Major Mistake (The Ivanovich Series #3)
Author: Starr Reina
Publication: July 10, 2012
Genre: Suspense
Source: Provided by author

Despite having brought down two major crime families, Pavel’s life is still filled with problems. The two bright things in his world: Teresa Mancini, his fiancĂ©e, who, on a good day, has the ability to bring him to his knees and his daughter Rita Grace, a result of a whirlwind affair before he fell in love with Teresa.
Once again, murder is the prime evil propelling Pavel into his latest case. After the murder of his partner and friend Nick Haxton’s ex-wife Brenda, Pavel leads a team to dethrone Guillermo Diaz, the leader of a drug gang believed to be responsible for Brenda’s death. Detective Danni Stone joins the local agency. Stone knows Diaz on the most intimate of levels, and wants to be present at his demise.
During the investigations, not only does the team grieve with Nick over Brenda’s death, they also deal with the loss of their long-time Assistant Director in Charge Steven Lazlo, who was gunned down in their own backyard. Pavel has a particularly hard time dealing with Lazlo’s death and is determined to hold everyone involved responsible.
As if Pavel can take anymore, Teresa receives a substantially large check from an anonymous benefactor, and insists that Pavel deal with it while she decides how to spend it. But not before she uses her iron-willed determination to find out who the benefactor is even if it means breaking into her attorney’s office looking for answers. Being thrown in jail would stop any ordinary woman, but apparently not Teresa.
Join Pavel as he wades through harrowing situations, suspects aplenty and suspense in this third thrilling installment of the Ivanovich Series. 

-- My Rating --
*Disclosure of Material Connection: I am a member of Reading Addiction Blog Tours and a copy of this book was provided to me by the author. Although payment may have been received by Reading Addiction Blog Tours, no payment was received by me in exchange for this review. There was no obligation to write a positive review.*

-- My Thoughts --

     One Major Mistake is the third book in the thrilling Ivanovich series. I guess I should have read the other two books before it, but I didn't have time nor the books.  I did just fine, reading One Major Misrake without the other two, there were a case when I didn't know what happened before, but it wasn't a big deal.
     Pavel Ivanovich, an FBI agent, has had his load of horrible cases to last for a lifetime. But it isn't over just yet. A case concerning drug deals is transffered from another state. Now, Pavel and the group under his command try to bring down the clever dealer, Diaz and all his allies.
     At the same time, Pavel's best friend, Nick Hexton has  his ex-wife murdered.  Pavel feels like this case and Diaz's case are linked, but there is no proof.  To complicate matters even more, Pavel's friend and beloved boss is murdered right in his office and there is a leak in the agency that informs Diaz of their plans.
     Pavel's girlfriend, Teresa is drowning in her own investigations. She has received a large some of money from an unknown person, and with her stubborn determination, she is set to find out who is the sender. Even if it means breaking into buildings and spending time in  jail. Seems like nothing can stop Teresa Mancini...
     Can Pavel finally put Diaz in jail? Can he find the source of the leak in the office? And will he be able to make Teresa see that the world does not revolve around her? Find out the astonishing and heartbreaking conclusion to the Ivanovich series when you read, One Major Mistake...
     I liked this  book very much, it reminded me of the wonderful James Petterson's "Alex Cross" series. There is  something very special about mystery/thriller serieses, you will fall in love  with the characters so much that you won't want anything bad to happen to them. That's exactly what I felt when I read One Major Mistake.
     Starr Reina is a professional writer, I love her style and how she expresses exactly what she wants the readers to feel in a compelling way.The pace is quick which is the case with almost all the thriller serieses. The setting is portraited very well. The only thing that I didn't like was the ending and some of the characters. I will say that I LIKED this book but I didn't fall in love with it. Although I fell in love with Pavel and Teresa, I still felt like something was missing.
     I loved the beginning and loved to hate the ending. You get the idea. If you want to read something that will take you breath away in anticipation, then you must read "In The Name of Revenge" then "Deadly Decisions" then "One Major Mistake". Be sure to read them in order, but if you are lazy like me, I won't blame you!

-- Interview with Starr Reina --

Me: Hello, and welcome to my blog. I am very happy to have you here. I would like to know, how long have you been writing?
Starr Reina: I put pen to paper for the first time when I was about fourteen. Unfortunately, because of being dissuaded by my father, I quit writing and didn’t pick it up again until I was an adult.

Me: Where did you get the idea for the Ivanovich series? Did anyone inspire it?
Starr Reina: No one really inspired it. Honestly, a Russian character begged to be written. I didn’t even know he was going to be FBI until toward the middle of the first book. I guess that’s when he told me. :)

Me:  Which character is your favorite? Which character has more “you” in it? 
Starr Reina: I have to say Teresa, most definitely. Although I did not intentionally model her after me (at least consciously), a bit of her is me and another side of her is who I wish I could be.

Me:  What is your favorite scene in "One Major Mistake"?
Starr Reina: I can’t reveal details as it would ruin it for the readers, but the ending. Those who have read it for advance praise said they didn’t see it coming and it made some upset. That means, as an author I did my job and created characters who have instilled feelings into the hearts of my readers.

Me:  Did you feel that there was some difference between "One Major Mistake" and the two books before it?
Starr Reina: Yes. My characters grew from book one to book three, especially Teresa. She is a typical Italian princess but toward the end, she began to grow up a little and realize the world didn’t revolve around her.

Me:  Do you have any other works on the way? Can you give us some hints?
Starr Reina: I absolutely do. I’m penning a paranormal now and following, I will be doing a legal thriller. So, from suspense/crime, I am giving my readers and fans a bit of versatility in the vernacular.

Me:  And now for some quick Q & A
Favorite drink? 
Starr Reina: Non-alcoholic: coffee or diet Snapple. Alcoholic: rum and coke. Then again, I would turn away a shot of tequila either.

Me: Favorite book?
Starr Reina: Gosh, there are many. The last one I read I couldn’t put down (as with many people) was “Hunger Games,” but at present I’m reading “Freak” by Jennifer Hillier and that’s outstanding. 

Me: Favorite singer / musician?  
Starr Reina: Train! I love their newest CD. I’m hooked.

Me: Favorite blog on the web? 
Starr Reina: Obviously, Insomnia of Books is on the top of my list. As it Reading Addiction.  There are too many terrific ones out there to choose just one. 

Me:  Thank you very much for being here with us today, do you have any last words?
Starr Reina:  Thank you for featuring me and “One Major Mistake.” If anyone has any questions or comments, I invite them to email me personally at

-- About The Author --

A paralegal by day, she’s an author by night. Apart from being an award winning author for her short story "Cut", Reina has appeared in a blaze and made her mark on the literary world with her Ivanovich Series. The first is “In the Name of Revenge”, the second, “Deadly Decisions” and the third, "One Major Mistake" is to be released July 10, 2012. Having studied and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Literature/Creative Writing, she has found her unique style and is known for her works' distinctive voice, making every character stand out.
 Reina is the artistic creator of the Ivanovich series featuring Pavel Ivanovich. Flanking Ivanovich's side in "Deadly Decisions" is Teresa Mancini, who vies with Ivanovich for readers' attention. According to J.M. LeDuc, who was "raised in an Italian family", Teresa "is all your characters". Reina is also the author of young adult novella "Cruel Whispers" and its sequel novel "Cruel Past".
 Reina is an executive editor for Suspense Magazine. She has been interviewed in the newspaper and on the radio with relation to her fiction work. She has been a co-host on Suspense Radio.
 She has won three Best Speaker awards as well as Best Evaluator at the Voice Ambassadors chapter of Toastmasters. Reina is a member of Sisters in Crime, Los Angeles Chapter and nationally. She has always been active in events. As co-chair and main coordinator for the West Coast Author Premiere, she arranged the weekend-long event to help authors from all over network, learn and share their work with the public. Reina has also been instrumental in compiling authors and planning a local author event at Barnes and Noble in Ventura, California along with the store’s event manager.


Links to purchase:

Tour Stop: The Unsacred Gift by C. S. Dorsey

Name of book: The Unsacred Gift
Author: C. S. Dorsey
Publication: April 9th, 2012
Genre: YA Fantasy, YA Paranormal
Source: Provided by the tour organizer...

When Sissy was six, she had her first vision of her sister’s (Misty) disappearance. Her mother (Tina) said she had a bad dream, but not long after that Misty vanished before Sissy’s eyes. No one believed her, so Sissy pretend to act like everyone else, like Misty never disappeared and never existed. For the past fifteen years Misty’s disappearance has haunted Sissy’s dreams. She could hear the ear piercing screams at night of her sister begging for help. Sissy tries to help her, but never succeeds.

Sicily “Sissy” Monroe attends the University of Washington and is in her senior year majoring in Psychology. She has all the makings of a perfect young lady, ageless skin, flawless long black hair, full kissable lips and eyes that are shaped like almonds. She is almost where she wants to be in life. But laying deep in the pupil of her eye’s hold something that she cannot get rid of, which interferes with her plans.

In addition to the nightmares, Sissy has found that as she gets older her visions became stronger and more vivid than before. Because of the first vision of Misty, and the second of a teacher in high school, Sissy wants no part in another person’s death. For years, Sissy tried to avoid having friends and relationships because she feared their fate. Most importantly she tries to avoid her family. She has no plans of ever going back home to California. When her mother calls her to tell her about her granny’s birthday party, she is reluctant to go. Going back home was not on her list of priorities, but she is going for her mother. Little did Sissy know she cannot run from her past.

During her weekend at home, new developments surface. Her mother has been dating (Mark) for the past two years; her grandmother has the same gift she does; an old high school fling (Chris) comes clean about his love for Sissy; and an unknown girl from the grave begins stalking her dreams. Sissy begs for someone to admit her to the hospital, but she can’t get the words out. Her grandmother is the only one who can help her, but even then it’s too late. Two days after her birthday party, Sissy’s grandmother dies. However, it’s no shock to Sissy, because she knew death was coming for her grandmother—leaving Sissy alone once again. But she will soon discover that her sister Misty, the visions, and the dreams of the unknown girl were just a mere image of herself.

 -- My Rating --

-- My Thoughts --

     A wonderfully written, young adult paranormal fantasy. This book will make your skin tingle and your heart pound. Although it's a very quick read, it''s still something you will enjoy...
     Sicily "Sissy" remembers the day her sister "Misty" disappeared right before her eyes.  All Sissy wants is to live a normal life, but that's not meant to be. She might end up in a mental facility if anyone know about the gift she has. Well, Sissy can't even decide whether it's a gift or a curse.
     Having visions of people' deaths is definitely not very pleasant, specially if the visions are triggered by only a touch. That's why Sissy will not let anybody touch her, even if  it's  somebody she loves. After going to college, far away from home, she has to go back for her grandma's birthday.
     Things get much worse at home. Sissy's visions seem to come alive and more terrifying, as she finds her hair soaked in salt water, or her hands covered in mud or a little girl's body who looks a lot like her lost sister. Even with all that, nothing can prepare Sissy to suddenly find love with her high school crush, or to see her grandma's death. But there's still much more to come...
     Will Sissy finally understand how to control her gift "a.k.a curse"? Will the girl in the visions leave her alone?  Find out the astonishing conclusion to this intriguing, thought-provoking story, The Unsacred Gift...
     This book is captivating, you will find yourself so emerged in the story, you won't even notice that you almost reached the end. Well,  let's say that I was pretty disappointed that this is a standalone, I wanted more explanation, MUCH MORE!
     But still, this book was enjoyable, the pace is quick, the description are very little, but they leave a huge room to your imagination. The characters are all pretty normal, Sissy is an average main character, and I  liked her , although she was a bit moody sometimes! You might notice the three & half cupcake rating, well that's because the end of the book left me hanging in mid-air, as I said before "I wanted more explanation" but I didn't get more!
     This book will make a great read, it's an intriguing, fast-paced, paranormal novel, that will make your stomach do flip-flops. If you want an enjoyable piece, then read The Unsacred Gift...

--  About The Author --

     C. S. Dorsey currently lives in Northern California. She graduated from the University of Phoenix with an Associate’s Degree in Financial Services, and is currently working for a financial institution. She never thought about writing until one day this girl started talking to her in her head and never stopped.

Buy Links: Amazon | Barnes & Nobles | Smashwords
Where to find C.S. Dorsey: Twitter | Blog | Goodreads

Tour Stop: Racing To Love by Amy Gregoy

Name of book: Racing To Love (Carter's Treasure: Book 1)
Author: Amy Gregory
Publisher: Sapphire Publishing - June 7th, 2012
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Provided by the tour organizer...

From the outside, Molly West had everything, beauty, brains, and a career she'd retired from not once, but twice. Being in the limelight and in a sport that was male driven, she was often surrounded by men. She ignored first the boys, and as she got older, the men. 
Her cold shoulder and patented not a chance in hell look were usually enough to get her point across. Molly had no plans in changing what was a perfectly good system. That is until she walked into the pits. Carter Sterling had traveled the racing circuit since he was a boy. He'd heard all the old standbys, She's out there somewhere, love comes along when you least expect it. Good things come to those that... Yeah, he'd heard them all. The last place he expected to meet the love of his life was on a pro track. 
All she did was smile, and he knew, looking into her sapphire blue eyes, Molly West was his. Forever. 
If it was only that easy. From the moment he laid eyes on her, he had a gripping feeling in him. An overwhelming need to protect her-a girl he'd just met. Carter had learned a long time ago that gut feelings are almost never wrong. Molly now held his heart in her hands, but it was going to take a lot more than just love to protect her from the past she thought she'd buried a long time ago.

-- My Rating --

*Disclosure of Material Connection: I am a member of Reading Addiction Blog Tours and a copy of this book was provided to me by the author. Although payment may have been received by Reading Addiction Blog Tours, no payment was received by me in exchange for this review. There was no obligation to write a positive review.*

-- My Thoughts --

     Racing To Love is a fast-paced, romantic love story with a touch of humour. I got hooked by the blurb from the start and the cover is very well-organized. I loved  it! I'm really glad that I read this book...
     As a professional, award-winning motocross racer, Molly knows the consequences of her job. Always surrounded by boys and men, she has learned to give them the cold shoulder so they will leave her alone. But what if this time, she doesn't want to give the cold shoulder? what if she actually likes the guy?
     As a handsome motocross racer, Carter has girls running around him the whole time, but he has never cared about them. He needs someone who understands his job and its requirements, he has never found that someone, what if he finds all of this in a gorgeous racer he has just met?
     When Molly and Carter's lives collide, the sparks consume them both. Molly has been through hard times, and now she wants to let go. But Brody, Molly's brother is not ready to let go of the sister he has tried so much to protect, he doesn't want her to get hurt by a man who is just the same as the others. Carter and Molly might think that they can be together, but Molly's past will not leave them alone. And this time, 
someone from the past is out for blood.
     Will Molly escape her horrible past? Will Carter be able to win her over? And will real love overcome all the ups and downs? If you are in love, then you will definitely enjoy reading this intriguing, romantic debut novel...
     Well, this book doesn't actually look like a debut novel.  It is very much more progressed and detailed than a debut. The pace is quick, it's a quick read. It looks like the author didn't want the description to take the focus away from the story. That's why the description is not very much, which leaves a good room to imagination.
     And the characters are all unique and perceptive. I loved Molly, and Carter. But I would have to say that my favorite characters will be Carter's two best friends, Jesse and Eli. They added a wonderful sense of humour to the book, they got me laughing so hard through the book! And they say that Amy Gregory has this sense of humor, so that it shines through her book from cover to cover.
    I gave this book 4 cupcakes, because romantic novels are always too predictable. You just know that they will be together at the end! But if you want to read an enjoyable, exhilarating book, then you should read Racing To Love...

And here today, we have the author AMY GREGORY and she has a guest post...

-- Guest Post --
My 10 Favorite Authors & Why …

     This is going to be so difficult!  I started reading young adult romances when I was probably younger than I should have been.  The Sweet Dreams series hooked me and I’ve been a fan of the romance genre ever since.  
     In my early teens I found Danielle Steel.  Again, probably younger than I should’ve been, but I devoured her books faster than they were published, re-reading several of them multiple times. 
A few years ago I picked up a Nora Roberts book, Irish Dreams.  Instantly I was drawn to her.  I can’t read or watch anything suspenseful at all, so I shy away from her JD Robb books, but the others…I’ve read them all.  I’m drawn to books involving dance or Ireland and she has both.  Those books on my shelf are so worn, I couldn’t even tell you how many times I’ve read them.
     Then I found Susan Mallery and Carly Phillips and my world was rocked again.  Their writing styles are similar to my own.  I love how Nora, Susan and Carly write in a series.  I always feel like when the last page is turned, I’m a little let down because the story is so good I want to know more.  I’ve become attached to the characters and I want their stories to continue, you can do that in a series.  I love hot romance combined with great dialogue.  These women have that and more.
     My best friend is an avid reader as well, she raved about this author she had found.  Following her advice I fell in love with Something Borrowed and its sequel Something Blue by Emily Griffin.  I think I’ve now read them both roughly five times a piece! 
     When I began my journey into the writing industry I knew no one, had no contacts, and basically had no idea of what to do next  after the stories were written.  With the help of the Twitter world, I became friends with some ladies who, not only do I adore their work and devour their books the instant they hit the stands, but they’ve become treasured friends.  Keri Ford, Renee Vincent, KE Saxon, Mari Carr and Jan Romes—these women are amazing.  I think that has made them such special authors in my book.  (No pun intended!)  I can’t even count the number of times I’ve recommended their names to my friends.  Now that I’m an author as well, it seems like even people I don’t know ask me all the time who I’d recommend.  Especially in the erotic romance genre.  That usually turns into a lengthy conversation as there are so many authors I adore in both the contemporary and erotic genres.  I prefer stories that are fun, sassy and in the end the girl gets the guy.  With these gals, I know I can trust I’ll be smiling when the last page is turned. 
    Don’t tell anyone, but I’m going to sneak in an eleventh author to my list.  This woman is a very dear friend and has done more for me and my career than I can ever repay her for.  A.L. Jackson.  On top of being an amazing friend and person, her books are spectacular!  Gripping, moving and at times heart-wrenching, and in the end you feel like you’ve ridden a roller-coaster along with the characters. 

-- About The Author --

     Amy Gregory leads an incredibly active lifestyle in Kansas City with her husband and their three fantastic kids who keep them running in three very different directions. When she’s not rushing her oldest daughter to tumbling, her youngest daughter to music lessons, or sitting track-side watching her son practice motocross, she’s taking the few minutes in between to scribble the next pages in her Racing to Love series. 
     When asked, “When do you have time to write?” Amy giggles.  “In bits and pieces,” she says.  
     Amy is known for her snarky, off the cuff sense of humor, which you’ll find shining through in the characters she’s created.  Her debut novel, Racing to Love, Carter’s Treasure, is set for release June 7, 2012.
I’ve spent my whole life trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, and now I’ve finally found it. – Amy Gregory 

Twitter - @AmyGregory548
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