100 Followers & Currently Reading

So I came online today, and checked my page views and followers, my face suddenly had this expression on it:

How cute!

I have 100 followers, thank you very much for everyone who has supported me, every fellow blogger, every author who kindly offered their book for review. I appreciate every single thing you have done, small or big! And guess what! I have a wonderful giveaway in August...

I currently finished reading Rising (The Saga of The Setti: Book 1) by Stephanie Judice, I have written the review but I am waiting for the release of the new cover, keeping my fingers crossed!


  1. I can imagine how you feel. I was over the moon when I reached hundred followers. :)
    good luck with your blog.

  2. That's crazy! I feel quite puny over my excitement at reaching 10 followers :O

  3. You've won the Leibster Award! Visit http://joyanne-decomyheart.blogspot.com/2012/07/leibster-award.html.

  4. You're welcome! :D

    @Beth. Haha. Same, but I only became active this month sot there's still time, I guess. :P


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