Review: The Super Spud Trilogy by Michael Diack

Name of book:  The Super Spud Trilogy
Author: Michael Diack
Publication: May 2012, Pen Press
Genre: Fantasy
Source: Provided by the author...

Genetic engineering has accomplished many things, one of which has been to create the Super Spud! The humble potato elevated to new heights, creating the most flavoursome crisps ever known to humankind! But that's not all - A magical transformation occurs to all Super Spud crisps not eaten before their use-by date. They take on a life of their own. And so long as they remain undetected by humans, they enjoy life in their own Super Spud cities, take part in major Super Spud sporting events and even start the odd Super Spud war or two. Join Colin, Cougar, Hannibal Vector, Generals Rock, Jock and Strap and all the others in their rollicking adventures. You'll never look at a packet of crisps in the same way again! Fun, quirky and totally original.

-- My Rating --

-- My Thoughts --

     Thoughtful imagination and setting make up this wonderful book. It's a trilogy, three beautifully-told stories of Super Spuds, the tastiest potatoes in the whole world!
     Humans got bored of the taste of crisps (chips) so they made new genetically-engineered ones. These spuds (potatoes) are not normal, they are SUPER SPUDS.  They begin to live a life of their own if they are not consumed after their use-by date. You should expect the unexpected in this imaginative trilogy!
     The first story is The Adventures of  Colin,The Super Spud,  it's way too short, I personally loved Colin, he was a genuine super spud (grinning <->). The second is The Adventures of Cougar, The Super Spud, whom you will be familiar with in the first story, Cougar is very adventurous, ambitious and cannot stand still for five seconds!. 
     The third one is The Adventures of King Martin, The Super Spud. King Martin doesn't act like a king at all, which I loved! He is even more adventurous than Cougar. Each story features a huge group of Super Spuds, and the groups are related somehow throughout the book.
       The stories are very very enjoyable, you can't help but chuckle and smile through the whole book. The hard work of the  author is visible, too. And what I liked most when I read this book is the name of The Super Spuds. Most of them have names derived from human origins, it's so funny and captivating, I loved it! Like G-James, taken from the human James Bond, isn't it wonderful?
     Although it's not my type, that's why I didn't give it Five Cupcakes. But if you want an enjoyable and compelling quick read, or  if you want your kids to have some fun time and refresh their knowledge, then you should read the exhilarating, Super Spud Trilogy...


  1. Hi -saw your post on Bookblogs. Enjoyed your site -some great books and reviews. I don't get much time at present to do reviews as I'm busy writing my first novel -I'm not getting much time to read either but that's the way it goes. You have a great blog here by the way. You're welcome to visit mine:
    Also following you on FB & Twitter. All the best

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by :) Loved your blog...

  2. I read and reviewed this too... though I didn't know how to give it a rating.
    I had the same kind of reaction as you really, it was amusing yet it wasn't entirely my style. Still I liked how much thought was put into the setup.
    Anyways, I found you on book blogs and I'm following. here to mine:

    1. Yape :)
      The hard work of the author is obvious throughout the book
      Thanks for stopping by


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