Tour Stop: The Unsacred Gift by C. S. Dorsey

Name of book: The Unsacred Gift
Author: C. S. Dorsey
Publication: April 9th, 2012
Genre: YA Fantasy, YA Paranormal
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When Sissy was six, she had her first vision of her sister’s (Misty) disappearance. Her mother (Tina) said she had a bad dream, but not long after that Misty vanished before Sissy’s eyes. No one believed her, so Sissy pretend to act like everyone else, like Misty never disappeared and never existed. For the past fifteen years Misty’s disappearance has haunted Sissy’s dreams. She could hear the ear piercing screams at night of her sister begging for help. Sissy tries to help her, but never succeeds.

Sicily “Sissy” Monroe attends the University of Washington and is in her senior year majoring in Psychology. She has all the makings of a perfect young lady, ageless skin, flawless long black hair, full kissable lips and eyes that are shaped like almonds. She is almost where she wants to be in life. But laying deep in the pupil of her eye’s hold something that she cannot get rid of, which interferes with her plans.

In addition to the nightmares, Sissy has found that as she gets older her visions became stronger and more vivid than before. Because of the first vision of Misty, and the second of a teacher in high school, Sissy wants no part in another person’s death. For years, Sissy tried to avoid having friends and relationships because she feared their fate. Most importantly she tries to avoid her family. She has no plans of ever going back home to California. When her mother calls her to tell her about her granny’s birthday party, she is reluctant to go. Going back home was not on her list of priorities, but she is going for her mother. Little did Sissy know she cannot run from her past.

During her weekend at home, new developments surface. Her mother has been dating (Mark) for the past two years; her grandmother has the same gift she does; an old high school fling (Chris) comes clean about his love for Sissy; and an unknown girl from the grave begins stalking her dreams. Sissy begs for someone to admit her to the hospital, but she can’t get the words out. Her grandmother is the only one who can help her, but even then it’s too late. Two days after her birthday party, Sissy’s grandmother dies. However, it’s no shock to Sissy, because she knew death was coming for her grandmother—leaving Sissy alone once again. But she will soon discover that her sister Misty, the visions, and the dreams of the unknown girl were just a mere image of herself.

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-- My Thoughts --

     A wonderfully written, young adult paranormal fantasy. This book will make your skin tingle and your heart pound. Although it's a very quick read, it''s still something you will enjoy...
     Sicily "Sissy" remembers the day her sister "Misty" disappeared right before her eyes.  All Sissy wants is to live a normal life, but that's not meant to be. She might end up in a mental facility if anyone know about the gift she has. Well, Sissy can't even decide whether it's a gift or a curse.
     Having visions of people' deaths is definitely not very pleasant, specially if the visions are triggered by only a touch. That's why Sissy will not let anybody touch her, even if  it's  somebody she loves. After going to college, far away from home, she has to go back for her grandma's birthday.
     Things get much worse at home. Sissy's visions seem to come alive and more terrifying, as she finds her hair soaked in salt water, or her hands covered in mud or a little girl's body who looks a lot like her lost sister. Even with all that, nothing can prepare Sissy to suddenly find love with her high school crush, or to see her grandma's death. But there's still much more to come...
     Will Sissy finally understand how to control her gift "a.k.a curse"? Will the girl in the visions leave her alone?  Find out the astonishing conclusion to this intriguing, thought-provoking story, The Unsacred Gift...
     This book is captivating, you will find yourself so emerged in the story, you won't even notice that you almost reached the end. Well,  let's say that I was pretty disappointed that this is a standalone, I wanted more explanation, MUCH MORE!
     But still, this book was enjoyable, the pace is quick, the description are very little, but they leave a huge room to your imagination. The characters are all pretty normal, Sissy is an average main character, and I  liked her , although she was a bit moody sometimes! You might notice the three & half cupcake rating, well that's because the end of the book left me hanging in mid-air, as I said before "I wanted more explanation" but I didn't get more!
     This book will make a great read, it's an intriguing, fast-paced, paranormal novel, that will make your stomach do flip-flops. If you want an enjoyable piece, then read The Unsacred Gift...

--  About The Author --

     C. S. Dorsey currently lives in Northern California. She graduated from the University of Phoenix with an Associate’s Degree in Financial Services, and is currently working for a financial institution. She never thought about writing until one day this girl started talking to her in her head and never stopped.

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