Review: Waiting For You by Susane Colasanti

At the beginning of her sophomore year, Marisa is ready for a fresh start and, more importantly, a boyfriend. So when the handsome and popular Derek asks her out, Marisa thinks her long wait for happiness is over. But several bumps in the road—including her parents’ unexpected separation, a fight with her best friend, and a shocking disappointment in her relationship with Derek—test Marisa’s ability to maintain her new outlook. Only the anonymous DJ, whose underground podcasts have the school’s ear, seems to understand what Marisa is going through. But she has no idea who he is—or does she? In Waiting For You, this third romantic novel from Susane Colasanti, Marisa learns how to “be in the Now” and realizes that the love she’s been waiting for has been right in front of her all along.

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     I guess this is it! This book is the third book of Susane Colasanti that I have read. I wasn't actually expecting much, since I didn't like her last two books much, but I still hoped that this book was a little better than them. Fortunately, it was.
     Marisa is the typical teenage girl, all she wants is to have the perfect boyfriend and to be the most popular girl in school. I am beginning to hate this kind of plot, it's always the same, why are these girls always obsessed with popularity?
     Anyway, Marisa thinks she has the perfect life. She got a cute boyfriend, she has two best friends, and her parents seem to be very happy together. But it all turns upside down on her , her mother is having an affair and now her father is living somewhere else. 
     Her boyfriend, Derek, seems to be unable to get over his ex-girlfriend. Her friend, Sterling feels left out since Marisa spends a lot of time with Derek. And her other friend, Nash is a wreck after his girlfriend ended things with him.
     Now is the time for Marisa to finally stand up, and leave her depression behind. Maybe she can make things right this time, and maybe she can finally find her Prince Charming? Or can she?
      Will Marisa get out of her depression? Will she finally not let Derek take control over their relationship? And will she find the perfect boyfriend? Find out when you read, Waiting For You...
     This book is the typical Susane Colasanti book. The pace is very slow, you need to push yourself to actually finish the book. Thank God, I am not the quitting time, or I would have stopped reading the book after the first ten pages.
     The characters are all normal, they have nothing that special. But you can easily connect with Marisa. She was definitely my favorite character, she liked photography and reading, just like me! That's a plus for this book!
     Overall, this book is your typical teenage story. I didn't enjoy it very much, but your ideas might be different. Have you read it? What did you think? Let me know in the comments sections...


  1. Great review!

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    1. Oh MY God! Thank you very much, and thanks for stopping by :)


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