Review: Lazy Bugs by Imagine Brothers

What if there are bugs, which live by feeding on the laziness of people.
These lazy bugs try hard to find food - people's laziness!

These Lazy bugs live with a family who feed them well every day. The family is very lazy! Father wants to sleep for five minutes longer. Mother wants to make herself pretty for five more minutes while rests of the family are ready for picnic and waiting for her. Sun hates to brush his teeth and wants to play longer. Lazy bugs are always beside them to eat family’s laziness. Ironically lazy bugs have to be diligent to find their food....

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-- Facts --
Name of book: Lazy Bugs, Live without us if you can
Author: Imagine Brothers
Publisher: Head & Heart
Publication Date: June 27th 2012
Source: Provided by the kind author...

-- My Thoughts --

     Now, who wouldn't want to read a fully illustrated, wonderful short story for kids? Even though most of us are past the point of childhood, some of our childhood stories, the ones Mum and Dad read to us around bedtime, stick with us forever. They will always remain in our memories and occupy a special part of our hearts.
     Aesop's Fables teach us moral lessons in a funny and astonishing way, who would forget how all those animals ended up learning something or another? Who would forget the beautiful princess, Rapunzel, living in a high tower with hair as long as one can measure? Who would forget Cinderella's glass slippers which saved her from her horrible stepmother? Lazy Bugs is nothing less than those unforgettable stories.
     Lazy Bugs is very original, it's not something taken or *burrowed* from another short story. It is illustrated so professionally, that I adored all the colors, the way the pictures described the exact setting and the text. And of course, Lazy Bugs teaches us a very required lesson, never be lazy.
     If you want an enjoyable ride back into childhood, or if you want your little kids to have fun and learn something at the same time, or if you want to offer something memorable to a special kid, dear to your heart then Lazy Bugs is definitely the book for you...


  1. Looks like an amazing novel for children! I love reading children stories like these especially when they teach us a life lesson as important as to not become lazy :D Great review hehe love the book cover

    1. I love Children books too, specially when they are illustrated. And the book cover is really amazing, it's a great professional work

  2. Soma, your review is better than the story itself! Your amazing review makes me realize some forgotten values I should have put in the story.... which is a more solid emotional string/consent to children. Thank you for your great review!

    1. Thank you so much :)
      Your book was really great,, it was worth a positive review
      Thanks for stopping by


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