Review: Losing Virginity by Ava Michaels

I have not posted the cover of the book, because it's not exactly suitable, but you can check it out on the Goodreads link I posted above.

Title: Losing Virginity
Author: Ava Michaels
Publication: September 19th 2013
Genre: NA Romance
Source: Provided by the kind author...

Olivia Spurgeon has been a good girl her entire life. Her friends have called her Spurgeon the Virgin since 9th grade. Why? Because everyone in her group of friends had already lost there virginity by then. Over the past four years it has been like a foreign object attached to her and even named it something simple. 


Now, she's a freshman in college and still hasn't done the deed. All three of her roommates do not have Virginity attached to them and they aren't scared to show it off. Olivia is jealous. She wants what they are having, feeling. One day she finally decides that she doesn't want Virginity attached to her anymore and begins the journey of losing it.

-- My Rating --
3/5 Oscars: Liked it

-- An Excerpt --
Victorian women had a complex system of sending courtship signals with their fans. If she was available, she would fan quicker, and if she was taken she would fan slower. If her fan rested on her left cheek, then she was not that into you. If it was on her right cheek then you were in. Whoever got rid of the fan thing? That sounded great to me! I've been borrowing my courtship rituals from Victorian England and sending the slightest, tiniest, most miniscule signals to guys that I was interested. I was assuming that boys could understand a complex system of unspoken language. It wasn’t me after all. It was them! 
I needed to be more obvious about my signals, it was as simple as that. 
In Finland, girls who were ready to marry would wear an empty sheath around their waists. When a guy wanted to date the girl, he would either make or buy a knife and put it in her sheath.
Tell me it doesn't get any more obvious than that. Maybe I should just walk up to the next boy I want wearing a sheath. Would he get it then? Somehow I doubted it.
If the woman wasn't interested in the man, she would give the knife back, but if she wanted to marry him she would keep it. Women in those cooler climates always carried knives around. 
I resolved that I was going to drop the fan and go for the knife. It's time I made a sheath.

-- My Thoughts --

     I was a bit cautious when the author approached me to read this book. This book was one hilarious journey!
     Olivia is tired of her V-card. It's always attached to her, and she NEEDS to get rid of it. She can't always be the only girl who still has her V-card. So, she decides to go to every degree to find some guy who is worth giving her virginity for. But what she finds on the way is definitely not what she expected.
     This book is hilarious. Yes, it does talk a LOT about sex and losing virginity and all that. But Olivia is one great character. She's not normal, definitely not. Her trying to get rid of her V-card is bordering on the verge of crazy. But she is a wonderful girl, and a snarky, humorous one at that. I laughed so much during this book, and not just any laughing, but the laugh-out-loud moments when everyone looks at you like you're crazy.
     The relationship between Olivia and Ryder is intense and cute, too. He is the kind of dream guy that every girl wants to have. The one that cares about you, wants you, listens to you, and would do anything to get you. Although I don't really think that these kind of guys exist in real life, it was refreshing and kind-of like a fairy tale to read about their romance.
     This book is not to be taken seriously. And that's a good thing, believe me. When you're depressed and the whole world seems like a bad place to be in at the moment, you just pick up this book and your mood will lift up immediately. The crazy coincidences  and the even crazier actions of the characters will leave you breathless with laughter and definitely in a good mood. And who doesn't want an escape from time to time?

-- About The Author --

I'm an LA girl who lives in San Francisco. I'm currently working a 9 to 5 joh but decided to write my own book in January 2013 instead of watching television. My new years resolution. I'm glad that I've finally ready to release it after 8 months of working on it!


  1. This sounds like a fun read and i love it when a book can actually make me laugh out loud. I can't read these crazy books all the time or the anti-seriousness gets to me but I like to change the pace once in a while. Great review, chickie!

    1. Thanks so much for constantly being here, hun!


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