ARC Review: Burn by Julianna Baggott PERFECTION!

Title: Burn (Pure #3)
Author: Julianna Baggott
Publication: February 4th 2014 by Grand Central Publishing
Genre: YA Dystopia
Source: Provided by the kind publisher..

Inside the Dome, Patridge has taken his father's place as leader of the Pures. His struggle has led him here, intent upon bringing down the Dome from the inside, with the help of a secret resistance force. But things are not as simple from his new position of power and he finds himself tempted by his father's words: perhaps if the world is to survive it needs the Dome - and Partridge - to rule it...

As Partridge's resolve weakens, Pressia and Bradwell continue piecing together the clues left to them from the time before the Detonations. It is their hope that they will be able to heal the Wretches, and free them from their monstrous fusings and the Dome's oppression once and for all. But everything depends, too, on Partridge. Separated by distance and history, can they still trust their friend and ally? Or is the world doomed to an eternity of war and hardship?

-- My Rating --
5/5 Oscars: Really Loved It

-- My Thoughts --

     I read this series because I had received the third and final book, Burn, for review. I cannot believe I was missing out on such an amazing masterpiece of the dystopian genre, and the whole book writing career as a whole.
     Pressia and Partridge are separated again. Pressia is with Bradwell and El Capitan searching for the truth about their existence and why the Denotations happened and whether the world outside survived. Partridge is inside the Dome with Lyda, moving his father's regime and making his people accept to live with the Wretches outside the Dome. But it's not that easy. And a lot of things will happen that none of them would have expected.
     The world-building in this final book in the trilogy was phenomenal. It was dense, vivid, and it felt so real, you could almost feel like you are right there, with the characters. This is an amazing feeling that not many authors accomplish.
     But it's also clear that Julianna Baggott's books concentrate more on her characters and what actually happens to them. They are more character-oriented than plot-oriented. And I like that a lot. her characters shine through in this book. And she breathed new life into them. They are like long-time friends that you know every single thing about. The familiarity with the characters was increasing along with every single page, so it's really hard to part with any of them when the time comes.
     The romance was beautiful. Not as much present as I hoped it would be. But the times that it dominated over the plot were wonderful. I admire love stories in hard times, they are such a great example of how humans are capable of the purest of emotions in the worst of times. The ending was something I DID NOT expect at all. When I turned the last page, I was shocked. I kept tapping on my phone seeing if i got a bad version or something. Because it just could NOT finish like that. I have to say that when I first finished this book,I HATED the ending. Literally. But now that a couple of weeks have passed, I don't hate it anymore, I just wanted an ending with more definite shape. I wanted to know what was going to happen to my characters. There were too many loose ends for my taste.
     Nonetheless, I am very sad that this series is over. Because it turned itself into one of my favorites in the span of only a couple of weeks while i read all three books. I am waiting, patiently, of course, for Julianna Baggott to write her next masterpiece.


  1. This series is new to me. I haven't seen it before but considering how much I enjoy dystopia it seems really appealing. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Great review, Soma :)

  2. Thanks for being here, deary!


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