ARC Review: Camp Payback by J. K. Rock

Title: Camp Payback (Camp Boyfriend #2)
Author(s): J. K. Rock
Publication: April 29th 2014 by Spencer Hill Press
Genre: YA Contemporary
Source: Provided by the kind publisher..

Alex has big plans for camp this year, starting with making it the best summer ever. Having fun and breaking some rules will get her the payback she wants against her parents and her ex-boyfriend. Because of his disgusting texts, she's headed to a super strict all-girls school in the fall. Then she meets Javier and revenge doesn't seem nearly as important as getting to know the troubled loner determined to keep a low profile at camp. But Alex's trouble-magnet personality and Javier's need to stay in the background don't mix nearly as well as their irresistible chemistry. With her home life eroding under her feet and her last year of summer camp speeding to a close, Alex wants to make her mark on the world and squeeze every bit of fun out of her time with Javier. Too bad her old plans for revenge turn back on her just in time to ruin everything. Will she lose Javier too?

-- My Rating --
4/5 Oscars: Really liked it.

-- My Thoughts --

     I loved getting back into the lives of these characters in a companion novel to the amazing and sweet Camp Boyfriend (my review here).
     Alexandra is tired of listening to her parents and trying and trying (but failing) to be the wholesome kid that they want. So, she is thrilled to be going back to her friends this summer at Camp Juniper Point. But what she doesn't expect is the new chief's assistant; the troubled, hot-as-sin boy, Javier. And she definitely doesn't expect sparks to fly between them after a surprise encounter.
     Okay, so I was quite surprised to know that the second book  would be about Alex, Lauren's best friend. But it was probable from the beginning since we don't get much of a background about Alex in the first book. There is the whole idea that her parents are bloggers and that really made love the story even more. Her parents are the strict kinds and they blog about everything rebellious that their daughter does and every good thing that her perfect older brother does.
     When this story starts, all Alex wants is revenge on her ex-boyfriend and a chance to rebel without her parents' continuous hold on her life. You end up not liking her at first. She is a lot different from the quite attitude of Lauren. Alex is talkative, big-mouthed, but open-hearted and sincere. You end up loving her as the story progresses and she definitely goes through a lot of changes over the course of the book.
     I love that J.K.Rock's books are not just about one fixed story-line, but they revolve around a lot of issues. There is the issue of divorced parents, sex, revenge, and the ignorance of privacy. The authors never fails to entertain me with her valuable lessons learned throughout their books. And it is quite surprising to know that they are two authors collaborating on this book. J. and K. (Rock is the family name). I am always a fan of authors writing together, and it seems that I have been reading a lot of collaborated works lately, but J. K. Rock's work is seamless.

     I loved the ending and how everything turned out. not to many loose ends and not everything resolved out. I wouldn't want to change a thing, and I am definitely waiting to see if the authors are writing another companion novel, because i am definitely reading it.


  1. Glad this one turned out to be awesome for you! I recently read Camp Boyfriend and ADORED IT., This one really doesn't jump out to me as much, but I am ridiculously excited to read the third one! (Or novella? I forget. The one with the popular girl who was not Hannah lol)

    1. definitely right. I loved Camp Boyfriend much more. And yeah, a novella and a new book are coming soon!

  2. I really need to read Camp Boyfriend!


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