Review: Rainbow After The Rain by Imagine Brothers

This story is based on The Green Frog, a very famous Korean folk tale. It features a sun green frog who doesn't listen to his mother and eventually makes her become ill.

Rainbow after the Rain maintains the basic storyline of The Green Frog, but places an emphasis on the great love of the mother, and on hope. Hope this book will help children feel the love of their mothers...

-- My Rating --

-- Facts --

Name of book: Rainbow After The Rain
Author: Imagine Brothers
Publisher: Head & Heart
Publication Date: July 1st, 2012
Source: Provided by the kind author...

-- My Thoughts --

     This is the second book I read by this amazing author. It is another fully illustrated, wonderfully told, short story revolving around a family of frogs. It is definitely something special that you will not forget.
     There are many amazing fairy tails which all teach us something. Remember Tom Thumb? Who taught us that cleverness does not require being big (in size). This book teaches children compassion, love, and obeying their parents. 'Rainbow After The Rain' is a story taken from an original folk tale, but it still has it's own touch.
     The author focuses most on the love of the mother Frog. And it also focuses on hope, there's always hope after sorrow just like there is always a rainbow after the rain.
     This book is supposed to be for kids, but I enjoyed it as much as my little sister enjoyed it, maybe even more. Although little kids don't understand the concept of death, this book will make them understand the love that their parents give them each day.
     If you just want to enjoy a quick, beautiful short story or if you want your little kid to learns something with the captivating pictures, then Rainbow After The Rain is definitely what fits your needs...


  1. I love your review. You pointed out what I focused on the story exactly.

  2. Hey, I've kinda nominated you for the Liebster Blog award so head over to my page for the details and stuff!


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