Review: Reflection by Jessica Roberts

Name of book: Reflection (Reflection #1)
Author: Jessica Roberts
Publication: February 17th 2012 by S/P
Genre: YA Contemporary
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Bright, spunky Heather Robbins has escaped her small hometown and is anxiously beginning her freshman year of college. Rising above her rocky childhood, she’s found a place where good things are finally starting to happen: her own private apartment, refreshing college classes, and an intense attachment to a mysterious and rugged classmate, Nick Richards.

But when her dreamy college life turns out to be nothing more than a wonderful dream while resting in a coma, questions threaten. 

Now, Heather must press forward to unlock the real past, and find the answers buried deep in her mind. What she unlocks instead is a roller coaster ride through flashbacks, embellished memories, and a whirlwind romance.

And when it’s all over and she comes face to face with the truth, will she lose everything she’s fallen in love with?

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     This book is really different. At first, I thought that it will be paranormal, but no. It is contemporary with a very mysterious touch. I LOVE it.
     Heather is thrilled to finally leave for college. She can't wait to get started on her new life. But the next thing she knows, she is lying on a hospital bed. She had a college life, she had friends, she played track, she even had a close relationship with the guy of her dreams. But was that real or was it a product of her imagination during the coma? Heather doesn't know what is real or what is not. The only thing that might help her is trying to remember every moment of the months she spent in college. And then, she has to decide which moments are real and which are not.
     What happened to Heather? How long has she been in a coma? Was every moment she spent with her guy friend just in her imagination? Will she ever know what is normal and what is not? Find out much more when you read this heart-wrenching tale of a damaged memory, but a heroine who is set on fixing it.
     I LOVE this book. I had to read it since I am in the book tour for book 2, Reaction. But other than that, i heard a lot about this book, many positive reviews, so I had to get my hands on it. I LOVE Jessica Roberts' writing. After reading only a few chapters, I was engrossed in the story so much that I didn't know what was happening around me.

"Indeed, when his face bent toward me, his lips hovering just above my neck, I was enthralled; completely his. Against my will, I gasped when his lips brushed over my skin."

     I LOVE the characters. Heather is such a broken girl after the coma. She is confused and unsure of everything. I LOVE her and I felt for her. The two boys, well, they cannot be compared. Because they are polar opposites to me. Creed is so sweet and protective of Heather, although he only made a few appearances through this novel. Nick, oh Nick. He is lovely, mysterious and the ultimate bad boy. I couldn't stop swooning over him.

"Nick grasped my waist, slowly drawing me in to him. My breathing stopped as I stared into his face. His eyes were a deep sapphire, a mixture of fire and ice. My nails dug deeper into the wall of rock. My body scared itself into stiffness and yet it called to him at the same time."

     Everything about this book was to the point and perfect. It was just a little slow and confusing at the first few chapters, but then, it got much better. I LOVE this book, and I can't wait to start reading the second one. Every book lover, you SHOULD read Reaction. A beautiful story that tests the power of love against time.

"And then his lower lip brushed against mine, swirling the world around me. My body tightened, my heart stopped. He withdrew an inch, his fingers stroking over my jawline like I was a delicate, porcelain doll, soothing the tension in my face, leaving traces of fire."


  1. This sounds interesting! Awesome review :)

  2. Thanks for the great review, Soma! I loved all of the little quotes you inserted - what a fun touch!

    I would love for you to stop by my blog today for the launch party of Reaction, book 2. I'm giving away a $50 Amazon gift card and lotts of other fun stuff!

    Thanks, again!

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my review! Can't wait to review Reaction!

  3. Never heard of this book but based on your review, I'll add to my TBR List! Thanks Soma :)

    1. It's amazing,
      Thanks for stopping by, Jean!


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