Review: Be Careful What You Wish For by Alexandra Potter

Name of book: Be Careful What You Wish For
Author: Alexandra Potter
Publication: January 2nd 2006 by Hodder & Stoughton
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Owned

Heather Hamilton is always wishing for things. Not just big stuff - like world peace, or that Brad Pitt wants her as his next leading lady - but little, everyday wishes made without thinking. With her luck, she knows they'll never come true...
Until one day she buys some heather from a gypsy. Suddenly the bad hair days stop. A handsome American answers her ad for a housemate. She starts seeing James - The Perfect Man who sends her flowers, excels in the bedroom, and isn't afraid to say "I love you".
But are these wishes-come-true a blessing or a curse? Does getting what you want make you happy? And is there such a thing as too much foreplay?

-- My Rating --

3/5 Oscars: Liked it...

-- My Thoughts --

     I have read only one book of Alexandra Potter's and although it is not a favorite of mine, I still enjoyed the quiet insecurity of the main character and the flow of the story.This book fell short for me in a couple of ways but it was amazing in others.
     Heather is definitely not the luckiest girl in the world, but she loves to make lists of wishes, even if none of them come true. But when one day, a gypsy woman gives her some lucky heather, suddenly, everything she wanted and wished for starts coming true. But what a girl wants is not always what a girl needs. Will Heather find love midst her wishes?
     I loved the idea of the lucky heather and the wishes coming true. It was like a fairy tale and Heather's wishes are believable, but not realistic. I would have the same wishes if i knew they would come true! Anyways, Heather's character is one that I loved. Her clumsiness, quick wit, and sarcasm were relate-able. The romance was a huge part of the book and i liked it, but I didn't really BELIEVE that Heather and the guy were really in love. Maybe it happened too fast. 
     Something else that bothered me in this book was that I didn't really connect with some of Heather's decisions. But I don't blame this on the author, it was just that Heather has passes her twenties and i am still in my teen years, so it was maybe some age thing.  I loved passing the time reading this book and it won't be my last Alexandra Potter book, definitely try this out. Romance fans will love it!


  1. It sounds like this one had quite a few issues. I hate when I can't connect with the romance and when it just seems too forced to me. I like the idea of the wishes though, that sounds really good! Great review chickie!


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