Review: The Rising by Temple Mathews

Name of book: The Rising (The New Kid #2)
Author: Temple Mathews
Publication: 2012 by Teen Libris (first published 2010)
Genre: YA Paranormal
Source: Provided by the kind publisher..

Will Hunter’s had a rough few months. He just survived the battle of his life. He learned the devil was his father. And his newly demonic best friend Rudy is trapped under glass until Will can find a way to bring him back from the dark side. All Will wants is to lay low for a while with Natalie, the girl he loves, and focus on saving his friend.

But Will never seems to get what he wants.

In Seattle, Will encounters a dangerous new breed of female demon, faster and more deadly than anything he’s ever faced, and a mysterious, striking girl who arrives just in time to save his life. Natalie doesn’t trust her, but Will is drawn to her in a way he doesn’t fully understand. Is she a powerful new ally? Or will her secrets destroy him and everything he cares about?

As the devil’s minions work to reassemble their leader’s body piece by piece, Will must once again become the New Kid to prevent the Dark Lord from rising—this time for good.

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-- My Thoughts --

     I fell in love with this series immediately after I read the first book. I loved the uniqueness and the author's style. I couldn't wait to start reading this, but because of my HUGE TBR list, it took me a long time. I am disappointed that I didn't read it sooner.
Warning. minor spoilers if you have not read The New Kid, the first book in the series (my review here).
     Will, has fought of demons, demonteens, and the Devil himself. But winning a battle does not mean that you'll win the war. And as Will finds out, the devil's body has been cut into pieces by the explosion, and his slaves are trying to collect them. But Will has to get there first, or darkness will engulf the world?
     Will loves Natalie, but he can't let her get hurt. So, he slips further away, while she is left confused and hurt. Going into a new high school, Will is attracted to a mysterious girl like he has never been before. Who is she? Will Will find the body of the Dark Lord? Will he and Natalie grow back into an item? Find out more when you read The Rising, a heart-stopping, action-packed thrill ride.
     I love this novel. I think that I have grown tired of the same stories done over and over again. This novel is a unique one, I love the author's writing style. In the first book, I thought it was a little middle-gradey , but in this one, it fit the pace and the story perfectly. Pacing is something Temple Mathews is a pro at. He knows the exact same pace that the story should be written in, when and were.
     I am in love with Will. His pride, his confidence, his protectiveness, and his unconditional love. He is a boy that I wish the best of the best for. Natalie definitely suits him with her shy attitude and vulnerability. This book left with a CLIFFHANGER (shouty capitals to ensure you!), I CANNOT wait to start the third book in this breathtaking series. Recommended to you, fantasy lover, and you, paranormal fan, and you, too, romance geek!


  1. I might have to check this series out! It looks great and your review is very positive! :) If you have time, please check out my blog! :P
    ~Ruby @

  2. HI SOMA! It's so good to meet fellow bloggers, especially teenage ones like myself! Eeep! Great review. I've never heard of these books but they sound really cool. Aaaw Will sounds like such a great guy and I can't wait to meet him. Lovely review, Soma! :)

    1. Good to meet you, too!
      This series is really good!

  3. Huh, I've seen these books around B&N and considered reading them once but then quickly forgot about them. Reading this however, makes me feel intrigued all over again. Great review :D


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