Review: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Title: The Fault in Our Stars
Author: John Green
Publication:January 10th 2012 by Dutton Books
Genre: YA Contemporary
Source: Owned

Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel's story is about to be completely rewritten.

-- My Rating --
5/5 Oscars: LOVED it

-- My Thoughts --

     Ever since this book was published, it became a YA sensation. Everyone was talking about it, reviewing in a raving way. So, I just stopped reading the reviews so that they won't ruin the experience for me and I decided to read it myself.
     Hazel Grace doesn't have cancer anymore. She used to. Now, she doesn't. But she has to walk around with an IV attached to her at all times because she can't breathe on her own. She doesn't really find anything interesting with her life anymore until she meets Augustus Waters. He is like a storm, a storm that touches everything in its own way and he's taking Hazel with him along the ride.
     This book is 100% character-oriented. If you don't like the characters, then this book is ruined for you. But the thing is, I am sure that John Green had that in mind since there is NO WAY that anyone would not like Hazel and Augustus. They have this kind of bravery, ambition, and pure love that we all wish to have in our lives. They are like role models that you wanna be like, but can never truly achieve. They show you the bright side of this life you're living, even in the darkest times. I fell in love with them both.
     I thought that with this book being about cancer, it's gonna hurt. And it does. But not as much as I thought I would. It is a beautiful kind of hurt. One that you'll love. I loved that John Green took the cure to the cancer to a whole other level. he definitely has a witty imagination. The plot line is mainly centered around Hazel and Augustus and how they grow to love each other, but their adventures are what really fueled the story and side characters added a lot to the already realistic plot.
     The ending was NOT what I expected. But I did kind-of see it coming.  I can't really explain but know that you will be touched to your core. You might bawl your eyes out so keep tissues nearby but know that you will love the ending, nonetheless. I can't believe I have been missing out on such a great author as John Green and I can finally start reading his other books. This is A MUST READ. It's beautiful.
He shook his head, just looking at me. "What?" I asked. "Nothing," he said. "Why are you looking at me like that?" Augustus half smiled. "Because you're beautiful."
"That's the thing about pain," Augustus said, and then glanced back at me. "It demands to be felt."
"Okay," he said after forever. "Maybe okay will be our always." "Okay," I said. It was Augustus who finally hang up.
"Augustus," I said. "Really. You don't have to do this.""Sure I do," he said. "I found my Wish" "God, you're the best," I told him. "I bet you say that to all the boys who finance your international travel," he answered.

"I'm like. Like. I'm like a grenade, Mom. I'm a grenade and at some point I'm going to blow up and I would like to minimize the causalities, okay?"


  1. Just seeing this cover triggers some kind of Pavlovian reflex in me and it makes me want to cry my eyes out. I always thought that Green's dialogues were a tiny bit unrealistic but I admire his characters and I love that he doesn't 'talk down' to his readers.
    Great review!

    1. SO TRUE xD This always makes me want to cry
      thanks for being here, maja!


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