Character Quest: Ben's Interview!

Welcome to day #2 of the Resistance Character Quest! We are fortunate to have with us today a really "BRIGHT" guy, his name is Ben.

Ben's Bio: Light-bearer in Homer’s clan. Ben is an all-American boy who sees life through optimistic, glass-half-full lenses. Nothing annoys him. Well, except for Jeremy. Favorite hobbies? Eating!

Now that we know a little bit more about Ben, let's see what he has to say in answer to our most pressing questions, shall we?

Thanks so much for being here with us today, Ben! It's gonna be great having you ENLIGHTEN us about who you are!

What was your favorite subject in high school?

P.E. I love running. I like to watch the girls run, too.

What do you miss most about life before the Reapers came?

Smoothie King, McDonald’s French fries, and Seinfeld reruns. Oh, yeah. And sleeping late on Saturday mornings. And my mom’s chocolate-chip pancakes. . . and my dad’s famous barbeque ribs.

What is your most embarrassing moment?

That would have to be the 9th grade “Back to School” dance at Beau ChĂȘne High School. Gabe and I went and met up with our friends Mark and Zack in the school gym where the dance was.

I got thirsty so I went to get some punch. Mel was there, standing by herself in a yellow dress, I remember. She had started to kind of hang out with us at school, but I didn’t know her that well back then. She looked kind of lonesome, and I wanted to talk to her. I took one of the canned cokes on ice, fumbled with it on the table, then offered it to her.

I’ll never forget I said, “You look like you could use this.” When she opened the tab, coke fizzed and sprayed all over her yellow dress. At first, she was really mad. Her eyebrows scrunched up the way they do now when she gets mad. But after I said I was sorry about a hundred times, she was so nice about it. She’s always really nice about things like that, when I screw up or whatever.

In your Setti clan, who is the most difficult to live with and why?

Dude, are you kidding me? It’s Jeremy! He’s so freakin’ annoying sometimes—always giving me a hard time and stuff. But I know that’s just the way he is. Some people operate like that, because they don’t know how to just be cool, ya know?

When did you realize you were “different”?

Hmm. Am I different? When I realized I was a Setti, Gabe and the rest of my friends realized they were, too. So I wasn’t any different from them. We were sort of all the same, so I never thought I was different. You know what I mean?

Thanks so much for stopping by with us today, Ben.

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Tune in tomorrow to find out a little about Clara and hear what she has to say to us!
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  1. I don't think I've heard of this series before, so is it like, a dystopian? Or he's a reaper? I guess i'll have to go read the synopsis lol.

    1. Oh,Giselle!
      He is one of the Setti, a clan that fights the reapers . I will send you a link on Twitter!


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