Review: Resistance (SOTS #2) by Stephanie Judice

Name of book: Resistance (Saga of The Setti #2)
Author: Stephanie Judice
Publication: October 15th 2012 by Studiokae Publisher
Genre: YA Paranormal
Source: Provided by the kind author...

The world is covered in darkness. A constant gray pall reminds the Setti that reapers are still here—watching, waiting, hunting. Gabe, Clara, and their clan must leave the relative safety of Beau ChĂȘne, Louisiana, in order to train with others gathering in the north. No one knows what lurks when night falls. Yet, Gabe and Clara both know that they must chance the danger in order to fulfill a dark destiny.

While Gabe grows in confidence, Clara begins to doubt everything, including her feelings for Gabe. Looming between them is a growing chasm. Clara’s constant defiance against Gabe begins to sever the bond between them. New clansman and fellow Guardian, Michael, steps in all too willingly to take Gabe’s place as her confidant and more. Good-looking and self-assured, Clara finds his charms difficult to resist. She wonders why she should resist at all.

Jessie, now a shadow scout, defies the reapers’ malevolent power. She reaches out to Clara, yearning for the impossible—to be free of the reapers’ enslavement.

Beyond Clara’s battle to save a lost loved one and to keep Gabe close to her heart, another threat stirs, whispering to Clara in the dark. Something evil hunts her. Will she listen to the one who calls to her in nightmares and eventually finds her in the flesh? Will she succumb to his will or will she cling to her human soul and her human heart?

-- My Rating --

-- My Thoughts --

     Wow. The first sentence that formed in my mind after reading this book was:
I am speechless. 
     I was, truly, perfectly, and utterly speechless. Stephanie Judice turned my heart into an elastic rubber band. With every page of the book, she stretched it, coiled it, tore it apart. Finally, she fixed it and put it back together inside me. She had me so under her spell that while reading, I wanted to scroll down to another page, but it wasn't working, I patted the mouse a hundred times but it didn't work. Then, I looked up and realized that I was at the last page, I didn't even notice how quick I was turning the pages.
" Warning: If you haven't read Rising (see my review here) then this might contain minor spoilers... Read at your own risk!"
     In this book, we are thrust back into Clara and Gabe's world. They are on a road trip to find the other Setti clans, so they can gather in New York, and train to fight the monsters. On their journey, they find two other clans. Since Clara left her home town, she has been insecure, afraid of something inside her that she didn't even know existed. At the same time, Gabe grows more and more confident and his abilities get stronger. They start pulling apart from each other, little by little. 
     Clara thinks that Gabe cannot understand her. So she makes friends with one of the members of another Setti clan. Michael is captivating, alluring, and gorgeous. He is everything Clara should stay away from, but with everything going wrong, why should she resist anyway?
     Will Clara and Gabe put down the wall between them? Will they be able to defeat the monsters by the help of the other Setti clans? 
The monsters are here! 
The Setti are putting up Resistance...
     I LOVED this book.  EVERY single part of it. I can lengthen my review to a hundred pages if I want to describe all the great things in this book. Stephanie Judice is one of my favorite authors of all time, and believe me, she is such a wonderful and friendly person,  I ADORE her! She really puts her heart into the story, you can feel every single thing that the characters feel.
     In the first book, the characters were dealing with the apocalypse, but in this one, they are learning to fight it. So the tension and the fear are evident throughout the book. This book broke my heart a thousand times but it also gave me hope to go through the thousand heartbreaks and still want to continue reading.
     I assure you -with every fiber of my being- that the Saga of the Setti will be one of the best series YOU will ever read. It has something for everyone, and you will never hear of someone being disappointed after reading it. i just cannot stop biting my nails while waiting for the next book. 
Please, Ms. Stephanie, hurry up! Please! 
P.S. Now, that I have experienced it: the best way to describe my situation after reading this book is:
Book Hangover!


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  2. I love the concept of reapers but can you believe I haven't read a book with them yet? I really need to fix that. This series sounds pretty good! Thank you for introducing them to me! :)

    ~Sara @ Forever 17 Books

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