Tour Stop: Once Upon a Remembrance by Grace Brannigan

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I am proud to be a part of such an AMAZING tour for such a WONDERFUL book. Hereby I present, Once Upon a Remembrance...

Name of book: Once Upon A Remembrance (Women of Strength #1)
Author: Grace Brannigan
Publication: August 12th 2012 by Questor Books
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
Source: Provided by the kind author & tour host

Once Upon a Remembrance: Book 1 Women of Strength time travel trilogy: Photographer Isabeau Remington travels to 1894 Virgina and falls in love with a man she must ultimately leave behind when she returns to her own time...but things are not always as they seem.

Modern day photographer Isabeau is pulled from the present time and thrust back into the year 1894 in Virginia. She must help save Hawk Morgan, a man threatened by a killer, a man endangered by his own erased memories. Hawk must survive in 1894 so his present day ancestor Pierce Morgan, will be alive in Isabeau's future.

Isabeau begins to fall in love with Hawk Morgan but with both their future's uncertain and a killer on the loose, neither one of them may have a tomorrow to look forward to.

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     Oh My God! Can I just rave about this book throughout the whole review? Please? Pretty please? "sad face" This is my first Grace Brannigan book and I assure you, that it will NOT be my last. I cannot even begin to describe the uniqueness of this!
     Isabeau is the assistant of a professional photographer. When she and her boss arrive at Hawk's Den, the centuries old house owned by the Pierce Morgan, Isabeau is thrilled by the unique opportunities this house could offer. But when Isabeau reads a VERY old Bible, she faints and suddenly, wakes up on board of a ship!
     Thrust back centuries into the past, Isabeau is confused and frustrated. But when she meets Hawk Morgan, the owner of the ship, she feels that he is familiar, somehow. When Hawk takes her back to Hawk's Den, Isabeau tries to settle down. But nothing stays the same , and someone is trying very desperately to kill Hawk. Isabeau might be the only key for him to stay alive. But while she is falling in love with Hawk Morgan, Isabeau is certain that she will be thrust back into the present day and leave him behind. But when days turn into weeks, even that is not certain, anymore.
     Why did Isabeau get thrust back in time? Who is trying to kill Hawk Morgan? How long will Isabeau be able to save him? Will her love grow into something more? And will Isabeau ever go back to her present day? Find out much more when you read this exhilarating, mysterious, utterly-engrossing novel, Once Upon A Remembrance...
     I abso-freaking-lutely LOVED this book! I never expected to love it THAT much. I have been a HUGE fan of time-travel since I have read Lauren Kate's Passion (my review here).This one was even BETTER and more thought-out. Grace Brannigan has a very simple writing style so it doesn't distract you from the awesome story-line. 
     Her characters are believable and love-able. Isabeau is very stubborn and head-strong, which is what I loved about her. Hawk is old-fashioned "wink" but he is gorgeous, and oh-so-protective even when he wants to hide it. He is so damn swoon-worthy, I wished I could change places with Isabeau! Oh, Ms. Brannigan, why did you have to make him so perfect? Why, oh, why? The secondary characters are truly superb, they really ADD to the story, they are not just cardboard cutouts. My favorite was Meryl, Hawk's best friend, his sarcasm and funny attitude really lit up the book.
     This book was -and I am pretty sure- will always be one of the BEST time-travel romances I have EVER read! It is one of those books that I want to buy in paperback just to have on my shelf and read it over and over again. If you want a truly enjoyable, utterly-romantic, mysterious read, then Once Upon a Remembrance will not disappoint!

-- About the Author --

Grace Brannigan lives in the Catskill Mountains. She has been writing in one format or another as long as she can remember. She has made her books in various genre available as an indie author since the 1990's. She's a swing dancer and artist, painting custom shoes or barn murals and loves to hike in the mountains where she lives.

Grace writes about strong women facing life altering issues and the men who love them. Her Women of Character series are 4 stand alone contemporary romances: Echoes from the Past, Once and Always, Heartstealer and Wishing on a Rodeo Moon, all available as ebook at Smashwords and Kindle.

The Women of Strength series is a paranormal/time travel trilogy, Once Upon a Remembrance, Book 1, out now! Book 2 Soulmates Through Time (coming late 2012) and Book 3 Treasure So Rare (coming in 2013).

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  1. Hi: Grace here, thanks so much for your thoughtful review and for taking the time to host my blog tour today! Also, I'll be giving away ebooks of Once Upon a Remembrance this week to commenters, so join in and let me know how to contact you. Grace Brannigan

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Ms. Grace!!!

  2. Very nice review about the characters.



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