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Juliet is already wondering whether her live-in boyfriend Will has lost his lust for life -- and for her -- when tragedy strikes: He stands her up. On Valentine's Day. Then some jerk in a fancy car splashes her with icky London rain water, takes a good, hard look at her, and drives away. What's worse he was gorgeous, the kind of guy you dream would sweep you off your feet...or at least remember you on Valentine's Day. On top of having to win a big advertising account at work it's a wonder Juliet doesn't collapse into a puddle herself.
The course of true love never did run smooth
To Juliet's surprise, the mystery driver turns out to be an adman named Sykes -- her competition for the hot account -- and he's awfully sorry about the splashing. So sorry that he whisks Juliet away for a romantic weekend in Verona, the storied home of her Shakespearean namesake. A funny thing happens, though. When Juliet gets back, Will's all sweet again and Sykes pitches an ad campaign suspiciously similar to Juliet's. Suddenly it's time for fair Juliet to decide whether she and Sykes are meant-to-be star-crossed lovers -- or whether Romeo has been right by her side all along.
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     Well, I was checking a forum and I found the download link to this book. I have never heard of the author before. But my motto is "Don't judge a book by its author" (Stolen from...). And the motto proved me right this time! The book is amazingly romantic!
     Alexandra Potter directs her audience away from the typical love stories and starts with two people already in a relationship for more than two years. Our heroine, thirty-year-old Juliet feels like there is something missing in her relationship with Will, as the spark between them has long gone. 
     But on Valentine's Day, as Juliet disappointment with Will's absence increases, she gets soaked from head to toe by a gorgeous man in a super-hot car, one you would only find in movies and TV commercials. She later finds out about the mysterious man, Mr.Sykes, her rival for a MAXI car account. Well, I am not going to get into the specifics, I won't spoil the fun! 
     But as you read through the book, you get to watch Juliet mature into a lady, you get to watch her make wrong choices and right ones as well. Hooray, for Alexandra Potter! She did quite a wonderful development of Juliet's character. You also get to read the story from Will's point of view, as he changes his attitude and understands his role in the relationship.
     As Juliet's relationship with Sykes advances, Will corrects his mistakes and gets all sweet again. What will Juliet do? Will she ever find her Romeo? And will her relationship  with Will get a happily ever after? You can find that out if you read the romantic love story "Calling Romeo"...
It's an amazing book, the character development is wonderful and the story has a quick pace. I would recommend it full-heartily to the hopeless romantics out there, ones like me! 

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