Review: Dreamland by Sarah Dessen

Rogerson Biscoe, with his green eyes and dark curly hair, is absolutely seductive. Before long, sixteen-year-old Caitlin finds herself under his spell. And when he starts to abuse her, she finds she's in too deep to get herself out...

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     Five stars? Well, yeah it deserves five stars. Sarah Dessen has created a breath-taking tale of family life, and abuse in the wonderful novel, Dreamland...
     Caitlin is devastated after her sister, Cassandra, runs away with her boyfriend instead of going to college. Caitlin has always been the second-in-line, the unnoticeable, the one who followed Cassandra's lead. But all that is about to change.
     After being accepted as a cheerleader, Caitlin meets a mysterious gorgeous boy, Rogerson. They get closer and closer, going to party after party, selling illegal drugs (Rogerson's, of course!). 
     Caitlin is not aware that she is slowly falling in love with Rogerson. All she wants is to live a happy life, but it looks like that is not meant to be. Caitlin has to tolerate the constant slaps of her boyfriend, the bruises on her arms, legs, wrists, neckline, everywhere. 
     Now, Caitlin has to hide from everyone she loves, hide herself behind long-sleeved, baggy sweaters and large pants. She escapes into her own dreamland, far away from the real world.
     Will Caitlin break away from the abuse? Will she finally find the road to happiness? Find out all of this and more, when you read Sarah Dessen's emotional, exhilarating masterpiece, Dreamland...


     Gosh! I love Sarah Dessen's books, she shows you another side of life, she shows you that there is a story behind every one, whether happy or sad. Dreamland had a quick pace, and a bunch of wonderful, emotional, characters that will remain with you long after you have read the novel...

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  1. Great review! Added the book to my TBR list. :)

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