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From a stunning new voice in teen fiction comes a tale of a teenage girl who with her mother travels the country as a professional thief. After they arrive in the beach town of Heaven, everything begins to change.

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     I have heard a lot about the author, Elizabeth Scott, so I wondered "Why not give it a shot!" Elizabeth Scott has done a clever job, she combines the fears of an ordinary teenager with the fears of a unique situation.
     Danielle does not know who she really is. She has never had a home, a room, or a closet, nothing that can be called her "own".  Dani and her mum have been stealing from rich people's houses for as long as she remembers. Nothing ever changes until Danielle and her mum visit the rich town of "Heaven".
     Great, beautiful houses full of silver awaits Dani, she would steal the silver with her mum, no one will suspect anything, and then they will be gone from the town. But that's not what happens, Danielle becomes fast friends with a rich girl, Alison Donaldson, whose house they want to rob. She meets a kind, and caring boy named Greg, but she should not be with him, he is a great threat to her, he is a cop. Her mum warns her, and she should listen but  why doesn't she?
     Because Danielle doesn't want to this anymore, she doesn't want to steal. She wants to live a happy, normal life just like everyone else in the town. She wants to have something called a "home", something that she can keep for as long as she wants. But her mum wants something else, robbing the Donaldson house. Everything is supposed to go as planned, but what if her mum is diagnosed with something terrible, something deadly?
     Danielle has to take the matters into her own hands, she has to choose between living a life of robbing and stealing, or living a normal life. Will Danielle make the right choice?
Will she finally get to live a normal life?


Elizabeth Scott has a great character style, you get to watch Danielle turn from a mother's girl into a grown-up lady, who can make right choices. But the book had one off-putting feature, it  was way too slow, you had to read almost 50 pages until something new happened. And I personally don't like the "present simple" style, i.e. the main character talking in present simple. But this  is not a very big problem, you can just skip over it.

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