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A diabetic since freshman year, the control Sara Jacobs needs to survive is obliterated when she unleashes Voodoo barons of the afterlife from the dark witch trial history of her hometown -- Andover, Massachusetts. Past and present blend and ignite as her life crumbles beyond recognition, shattered by the same forbidden forces she is drawn to embrace: magic, the supernatural, and the demon raging uncontrolled in her veins. Rewired by magic, she revisits and dominates her petty high school world – paybacks to authority, and a little help with that crush from freshman year.

From a gossip-crazed high school to a moonless limbo of tombstone covered hills, BRITTLE is what happens when Sara stops being the victim. But through it all, nothing can really fill the void left by a mother who abandoned her at birth. Or did she?


Name of book: Brittle (Between The Tides: Book 1)
Author: Jordan Calher
Publisher: Gabran Press
Publication Date: May 6, 2012
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     I hate it so much when you read a book by an author you haven't known before, and it turns out to be a bunch of crap! That's exactly the opposite of what I felt when I read this book.
     When I received this book, I honestly didn't know what to expect, since it's the first time I read Jordan Calher's work and all. But I wasn't disappointed, not even a little bit! Actually, I fell in love with everything, the cover, the plot, and the characters. I can't possibly believe that it is Jordan Calher's first novel, she is a total pro!
     Sarah, a third year diabetic, struggles to keep her life in total control. Whether she's hanging out with friends, or taking Insulin doses, she need to do almost everything at a specific time. 
     Sarah's control falls apart when she finds a book of spells in her attic. Drawn to the mysterious spells, determined to find the truth amongst the lies from her past life, and to full the void left by her mother, Sarah steps into the game with the help of her best friend and the boy she likes. Sarah has to finally accept who she is and appreciate what she had all along. What she finds out is something you couldn't have expected!
     What will Sarah choose: her pre-magic life as a normal high school student or her super fascinating life as a witch? Will she finally be able to fill in the holes left by the lies from her past life? Find out the answers and much more, when you read this tale; full of magic, Voodoo, spells, and time travel, the breathtaking Brittle...
     I don't want to repeat it many times, but I can't stop saying how wonderful this book is! I don't want to be a spoiler and give anything away! But Sarah is a character you will instantly fall in love with, she is witty, smart, and has a cute sense of humour, she had me laughing hard sometimes. 
     Jordan Calher will grab you and take you away to another world, I loved how she put some sensible history into the novel. And the romance wasn't too little or too much, I likes Sarah's crush as much as she did! He is very protective and caring, just my type of guy.
      Jordan Calher has my heart pounding so hard, waiting for Book 2 in the series, and trust me, this novel will sure make the top 5 in your list of all-time favorite books. Either that, or you have no sense in reading!

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  1. OOh. I tried not reading your review as I am also in the works to review this book. I'm glad that you liked it and I'm hoping that I'll love it too.
    Thanks for your post.


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