Review & Interview: The Magic Window by John M. H. Pratt

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Name of Book: The Magic Window
Author: John M. H. Pratt (Book Blogs)
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     A wonderful read, describing the life of a family of Robins. I found out that John M. H. Pratt has a very lyrical voice, as he uses rhyming verses in his short story. 
     It is a very quick read, that you can enjoy along with your little kids or with your family, it can even be enjoyed as a bedtime story. Although I am a teenager, and this is not my type of books, but I really enjoyed the meaningful verses and the wonderful pictures, illustrating the life of the Robins in their nest. 
     I was a bit unsure when I saw that the book is illustrated but as I look back at it now, I find that the pictures explained so much more that words could have. I would definitely be waiting for other works by this author...

Author Interview w/ John M. H. Pratt
 To know more about this story, we will interview the author, John M. H. Pratt:

Me: Hello, and welcome to my blog. First of all, where did you get the idea for this story?
Mr. John: I was really fortunate that those birds chose to nest in such a fantastic and accessible setting... As I watched the birds in the window building their nest I took a few pictures with my phone and sent them to my nieces and nephew. The more photos I took the more the story naturally unfolded...

Me: Did anyone incourage you to write this story?
Mr. John: My friends and family saw my first version that I'd written only for the kids (nieces and nephew) and it just kind of snowballed into The Magic Window.

Me: Did you have any experience in writing verses and poems before you wrote this story?
Mr. John: I've written some poetry for old girlfriends, mostly bad...

Me: Do you have any other works on the way? Maybe you can give us some hints?
Mr. John: I've got another 250 photos of another nest that isn't as picturesque but is much more detailed...I've got some other great nature photos and ideas. Yes, I plan to write more but I might give the birds a rest.

Me: Now for some quick Q & A
        Hot drinks or cold drinks?
Mr John: Cold

Me: Paperbacks or ebooks?
Mr. John: I'm old school - paperbacks!

Me: Reading inside or in the garden?
Mr.John: Beach (garden)

Me: Your favourite book?
Mr. John: Too tough a question, love to read!

Me: Favorite kind of music?
Mr.John: Depends on my mood, love Bonnie Raitt

Me: Birds, Cats, or Dogs? Just curious...
Mr. John: Animal lover

Me: Thank you very much Mr. John for being here with us today, do you have any last words?
Mr. John: Yes, I'd like to thank you and everyone else for your kindness,
patience and encouragement.


  1. Cool idea for a book! That's lovely that he was able to catch such a cool moment.

    Alison at The Cheap Reader

    1. Yape :)
      You have got a cool blog, followed :)
      Thanks for stopping by...

  2. Haha, that's a very meaningful inspiration-- taking photos of birds' nest! Sounds so picturesque ;) A very thoughtful interview, and I think I have to check out the author's lyrical prose too!

    I'm now a proud new follower of your blog, do drop by mine @ too!


    1. Yes, the author has a very lyrical voice, as I said before....
      Thank you for the follow :)
      Followed yours too....


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