Review: Florence by Ciye Cho

Name of book: Florence
Author: Ciye Cho
Publication: July 1st 2012
Genre: YA Paranormal
Source: Won

Seventeen-year-old Florence Waverley is out of her depth. Literally. Kidnapped and taken below the waves to the mer world of Niemela, she is the ultimate gift for merman Prince Kiren: a human familiar tied to his side. But nothing is what it seems amid the beauty and danger of a dark ocean.

Every Niemelan has a role to play, from the mermaids who weave towers out of kelp to the warriors who fight sea monsters. But in trying to survive, Florence will end up in the middle of a war between the mer and the Darkness. A conflict that will push her between two brothers: Kiren, the charmer inexplicably drawn to both her and the monsters; and Rolan, the loner who has been pushing her away since the day they met. But in order to take a stand--and find out where she belongs--Florence will have to risk it all: her life, her heart... and her very soul.

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-- My Thoughts --

      Well, when I entered the giveaway for this book, I didn't know what to expect. Since the cover was incredible, don't you think so? Just look at the blend between the colors and how the face covers almost 3/4 of the cover. The cover is very unique, the girl is a resemblance of the main character and the cover is an illustration not a photograph. It's not just some girl with a fluffy dress and a tiara or some boy walking through a damaged pitch-black world, it's beautiful. The blurb is captivating but brief, so I couldn't help but start building HUGE expectations for this book.
     Florence Waverly lives with her uncle, she's not an outsider but she's not  popular either. Just your average normal girl. On a school trip, Florence dives down into the sea, trying to catch some moments with her camera. She wasn't prepared for some merman catching her and bringing her back to his world.
      Thrust into Niemela, she is treated with hostility but at the same time, she becomes Yooli's (the princess of Niemela) friend and guest, and gets to know Yooli's two brothers: the cold, arrogant Prince Rolan and the caring, gorgeous king-to-be, Prince Kiren. In a world that she knows nothing about, Florence must learn many things about Niemela and about herself. But not everyone in Niemela are as honest as they seem, even the two charming Princes are each hiding something, something from the past, and something that will change the future.
     What are the secrets of the two Princes? Will Florence ever be able to fit in? And who will she choose: Rolan or Kiren? Want to know? Why don't you read this breath-taking,, under-the-surface, romantic adventure, Florence...
     I loved this book! Let me tell you why. First, the world building was brilliant. This book had one of the most developed world-building I have ever seen in a YA book. Every detail was taken care of, nothing was too superficial or shallow. Ciye Cho created a magical world but still spread his own touch on the novel. I spent days thinking about Niemela even after I finished the book, it was so magical and captivating.
    Second, I loved the characters. Florence is very very easy to relate to, she reads books, takes photographs, she is so cool and put-together, I want to have a friend like her! Kiren was handsome, caring, and lovable even after what happened (I don't want to spoil anything) Rolan is very cold sometimes, but he has a reason and he holds Florence deep in his heart, I loved loved loved him! Yooli is a very good friend, she is very funny and adorable, a great company.
     But yet still, none of the characters, not even one of them are one-dimensional, every one of them have their motives, reasons, and background stories. Ciye Cho is a great writer. I also loved how the characters develop through the book, how Florence changes from being an insecure teenager to a mature, strong young woman.
     Although there are stories about mermaids and mermen, this book definitely stands out. This novel is original to the very core.  Florence is magical and mesmerizing, I will surely be waiting for a sequel to this, but I am not sure if there is one. Please, please, let there be a sequel. If you want an enjoyable, heart-wrenching read that is different from anything you have read before, then read Florence, you won't regret it...


  1. A little before the release date of this book- a few months ago- I saw a review for this book on a blog. I loved the cover, so I contacted the author for a review copy. I very rarely ever feel compelled enough to do that. I agree with your review- I thought the world building was excellent and was my favorite thing about this book. I'm not really into the whole mermaid genre, but I still really liked this book.

    1. Glad you feel the same!
      Thanks for stopping by, by the way, your blog is GREAT!


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