Review: Nolichuck by Jackson Keene

Name of book: Nolichuck: TJ's Wild Frontier Adventure
Author: Jackson Keene
Publication: 2011 Whoodo Mysteries
Genre: YA Fantasy
Source: Kindly provided by author...

TJ s just an ordinary fourteen year old kid with extraordinary problems at home and school: A broken up family from his parents bitter divorce, evil bullies almost every afternoon, failing grades, boring classes, snobby girls, mean teachers, cut from basketball tryouts, few friends. Life is rough for TJ Cockrell.
And then that mysterious little green book had to go and throw him into the past. And not just any past, but into the untamed forbidding forests of 1802 eastern Tennessee along with the savage Indians, wild beasts, bloodthirsty robbers, backwoods ruffians, and log cabin living! Yup, it s definitely not 2011 Knoxville anymore.

And he thought his present life was bad news! But TJ s adventures are only beginning. Along the way, he fights off killer beasts and bandits and braves, gains a world of confidence in himself, finds his first real love, and meets a fantastic frontier family who really has it together. When he returns to the present, he s a brand new person ready to defeat deadly robbers in his own home, beat the bullies at school, win the girl, gain friends, and make great grades. He even gets his family back together again. Sort of. In the end, the little green book is really cool. And TJ can t wait to go on another action-packed adventure into the perilous past!

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     Brilliant and imaginative! I liked this book very much, definitely not something I read regularly but something greatly enjoyable and lovely....
     TJ is a constantly bullied 14-year-old teenager . After his parents divorced, and he got separated from his beloved sister, his world ( and his grades!) began cashing down. But when one day, TJ finds a green book in the drawer that his father has always kept locked (except this time!) TJ is unaware that this book is going to send him on a life-altering adventure.
     Thrust into the green book, TJ finds himself in good ol' Tennessee. Determined to survive, he finds a small town and makes new friends. Between doing chores, fighting enemies, and nicknaming himself Jed, he might still have the time to be with the girl that he really likes. There might be a happy ending, only if TJ swirls all the bumps in the road.
     How will TJ survive in the old Tennessee, while he knows absolutely no one? Will he ever get back to his present life? And what will he learn from his wild frontier adventure? Find out when you read this beautifully-crafted, adventures novel, Nolichuck.
     I liked this book a lot. It is not something I would normally read, since I am mostly a fan of Paranormal and Romance, but this was a pleasant addition to my reading list. It is a fairly quick read, almost 300 pages. The author's writing voice is lyrical and easy-to-follow. The author is very descriptive, down to the last detail. Which I found a little off sometimes, but so far so good.
     Don't worry about my 4 rating, since not everything comes in a perfect package. There were some minor flaws, and although this book might not be my favorite series, I will surely be reading the sequel. I will be recommending it to anyone who is in for some sweet, magical time-travelling adventure.

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