Review: Paraglide by Peter Anthony Kelley

Name of book: Paraglide
Author: Peter Anthony Kelley
Publication: January 9th, 2012
Genre: YA Thriller, Fantasy
Source: Kindly provided by author...

For siblings Jim and Erica Winters, a summer vacation to London promises adventure and a bit of freedom from their overprotective mother. But once they arrive, they end up with more excitement than they bargained for. Their mother is kidnapped and her captors demand the one thing they can’t produce – their long-absent father.

Unable to trust the authorities, Jim and Erica set off in pursuit of their father, racing across Europe and fending off mysterious assailants. As the trail of clues dries up, help arrives in the form of a raven-haired beauty. Is she the answer to their prayers or a romantic distraction?
With the kidnapper’s deadline looming, the truth about their father’s shadowy past is revealed. In a last ditch effort to save their mother, Jim and Erica must climb high into the Swiss Alps where a perilous choice confronts them. Can they trust their father who has repeatedly betrayed them?

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     I was so intrigued when the author asked me to write a review, just look at the cover! It's such a beautiful illustration, the colors, how the characters are blackened out, it's really unique. And the blurb is captivating, so I had to give it a try and it was adventurous!
     Jem and Erica's father has been missing for months, and they don't have any idea where he is. On an unexpected  trip to England, their mother is kidnapped by a group of men. These men want Jem and Erica to do the seemingly-impossible, find their long-gone father and tell him to give the jewels to free their mother, the jewels that he has supposedly kept hidden for a very, very long time.
      From England, to Italy, to Interlaken, Jem and Erica try to find the only person who abandoned them in the first place, their father. They make new friends and fight cruel enemies, but what will happen in the end?
     Will Jem and Erica find their father? Will their father give up the jewels to the men? And why does their father have the jewels in the first place? Find out much more when you read this thrilling mystery, Paraglide...
      I liked this book very much. I didn't exactly expect this book to be like that, but it was very different from the things I have read before. Since I am a fan of thrillers and mysteries, this book was very enjoyable. It was fun and entertaining to try and find out who is the person who kidnapped their mother, it was really unexpected!
      The only complain I have, is that the characters are not developed very much. They almost look like stereotypes, but altogether, this book is an enjoyable roller coaster ride with many intriguing twists and turns. You better try this out and see for yourself!


  1. What a delightful book review! I enjoyed reading it. Thank you. :)

  2. Thank you for stooping by my blog and supporting me! Great review I love your cupcake ratings! Stay cool!


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